Drive a New Luxury Car Each Month with this Subscription Service


For the car-loving dentist, there’s a new service that lets you drive a brand new, fully loaded Cadillac each month. With the push of a button on a smartphone app, Cadillac’s BOOK program will hand deliver a new car to the location of your choosing and a concierge will drive the old car away. The service will cost you$1,500 per month.

Models such as the CT6 are available to BOOK by Cadillac members.

Think of this as the Netflix of cars — just slightly more expensive.

If you’re the kind of dentist who buys a new luxury car, only to get bored with it when the latest year’s models hit the road, Cadillac may have the solution for you. The company has rolled out its BOOK by Cadillac program, which allows drivers to take in that new-car smell on a monthly basis.

For a mere $1,500 each month, drivers can select a new car to drive without signing a lease or obtaining financing. They also won’t be on the hook for any repairs.

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Dentists who appreciate fine, American automobiles can select their new monthly ride at the push of a button by using the company’s app. According to a news release from Cadillac, drivers can pick from the most well-trimmed models. A “white-glove concierge” will deliver their new selection to the location of their choice, and then drive away the old vehicle.

Membership entitles you to access to the “Platinum Level Trim” versions of the XT5, CT6 and V Series.

The program offers month-to-month membership, with no monthly commitments. The monthly fee covers registration, taxes and insurance costs, as well as maintenance. Mileage is unlimited. Automotive News reports that as of right now, the service is only available in the New York metropolitan area.

Providing more background on BOOK, Automotive News reports that the program might make having a car more appealing to city dwellers, who often must fight for parking and have readily available public transportation options. According to Automotive News, Audi ran a similar pilot program in Berlin in 2014.

While you’re at it, perhaps you’d like a new watch to have on your wrist as you lean your elbow out the window of that new Cadillac.

Similar services for luxury watches are gaining popularity. Sign up for Eleven James, and you could have a new watch each month go to with your new car. The company offers four price tiers, with brands such as Rolex at the low end and Patek Philippe on the high end. The first tier will cost you $149 monthly and the top tier $999. Membership also comes with a concierge service who will help you select watches and nudge you when it’s time to mail back your watch and receive a new one.

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