Dreamers & Doers: DentiMax – “Let us put our money where our mouth is and try out our sensor for free”

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report September 2021, Volume 55, Issue 9

Dental Products Report sits down with Chad Camac, DentiMax Sales Director, to discuss their open digital x-ray sensor technology and DentiMax’s unique value proposition.

Q: What is the DentiMax Dream Sensor’s best selling point?

CC: The holy grail of digital imaging is image quality­—­ours is excellent. We have won numerous awards for our image quality. The best way to check a sensor’s image quality is to enlarge an x-ray image and verify you don’t get pixelation. Our sensor captures a lot of detail, which helps doctors better diagnose patients.

Another aspect that makes the Dream Sensor special is the fact that we work with your existing software. Many dental practices have been using the same imaging software for years and don’t want to retrain their staff. Although we have great software for new offices, or those looking to upgrade their software, we don’t force you to change. The pain of change is a big deal. We want to make things as easy as possible for the dentist and their staff.

One last thing is we have the thinnest CMOS sensor available on the market. Patient comfort is a common complaint. Ours sit real comfortably in the mouth. But that also helps you position it better and get back to that third molar a little easier.

Q: Where does the DentiMax Dream Sensor fit with some of the other sensors on the market when comparing image quality?

CC: We stack up incredibly well—it’s probably our biggest strength. The DentiMax Dream Sensor produces a crystal clear image. Along with that, we set up individual presets based on the doctor’s diagnostic preferences and needs.

A lot of our competitors typically have a one-size-fits-all canned image. We have found that 1 size does not fit all. Some dentists like it lighter, darker, crisper, smoother, etc. What we’re doing is tailoring a high-quality image to your preferences.

Q: How does the DentiMax Dream Sensor compare with other intraoral sensors when it comes to price?

CC: DentiMax has an unprecedented position in the market. We sell a high-end sensor at a lower price point than our competitors. In doing that, our business model looks a bit different than most other companies selling intraoral x-ray sensors.

We took a decentralized approach. The traditional model is sales representatives go to the dental office and quickly show you a couple of x-rays before you agree to buy. That model is old–school.

We took a different approach by utilizing technology and cutting out the middleman. We seamlessly set up everything remotely and allow you to try the sensor out for free for 2 weeks. You get to test the sensor out on patients before making a purchasing decision and save thousands of dollars.

Q: What led DentiMax to create an open system technology that makes your sensor compatible with other companies’ software?

CC: We are trying to make it as simple and easy as possible for everyone in a dental office. We designed the Dream Sensor to work with almost all software on the market so that doctors can continue to use their existing software without retraining staff and disrupting their workflow. Not only does this reduce time, but there also is less grumbling, griping, and headaches.

Q: We recently published our Technology Census and asked how people evaluate products, and a lot of them said they need to be hands-on. They want to see it and verify that it will work for them before they invest in it. Do practices have an opportunity to try out the Dream Sensor from DentiMax?

CC: We completely agree with that philosophy, and we made it a big part of our business model. We have a system that we call our Try Before You Buy program. We will physically mail the sensor to your office, and we pay for the shipping. We install it on your computer remotely and work with your staff to dial in an x-ray image, custom-tailored to your preferences. Then we let you use it in your office for a couple of weeks. Not only does this allow the doctor to test the sensor on patients, but it also allows their staff to buy into the idea of getting a new sensor.

Roughly 83% of all practices that do the free trial end up keeping the sensors. But if you are one of the 17% that decide it is not for you, send it back. We will even pay for shipping. No harm, no foul.

Q: Is there anything else you want people to know about DentiMax and your Dream Sensor?

CC: Give us a try and complete a free trial. I learned in life to focus on the most important things and do them right. The 80-yard bomb pass looks impressive on ESPN, but that is not what wins a football game. What wins you a football game is fundamentals. It’s blocking and tackling. It’s a ground game that moves the line 3.5 yd at a time. It is fundamentals practiced and performed consistently.

We focus on those little things: the best image, a great price, patient comfort, durability, a great warranty, and world-class support. DentiMax tries to do all those little things right to make life easier for the customer. Let us put our money where our mouth is and try out our sensor for free. You have nothing to lose.