DrDDS Innovations' Scout Analytics Designed to Enhance Organizational Support

The platform is said to offer 20 actionable key performance indicators and is able to integrate with existing practice management software.

DrDDS Innovations, a provider of technology solutions to the dental industry, recently announced the release of its dental practice analytics application, Scout Analytics. This new application is designed to provide users with 20 actionable key performance indicators to enhance organizational decision support systems and optimize dental practice performance.

Scout Analytics makes practice analytics available in real-time to every level of the team with an intuitive dashboard.

“Scout is the dental analytics app that gives you everything you need to know about your practice right in your pocket”, said DrDDS CEO Travis Rodgers. “Scout finds financial opportunities in your practice without needing to spend hours sorting through hundreds of KPIs that no one understands.”

Scout is designed to make goal-setting and tracking easy for the team overall and for individual members, as well. Its “Cross User Compare” technology allows user to compare their practice KPIs to the average of all Scout users, which helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses and focus on KPIs that matter to them.

Scout Analytics is able to integrate with popular practice management software platforms and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. For more information, visit drdds.com.