Dr. Roger Levin on how to energize your dental practice

In his latest video, Dr. Roger Levin has a simple message: Practice management isn’t just about targets, systems, and scripts. Highly successful practices are generally more “energetic” as well.

The goal is for every patient to leave with more energy than when they arrive. So, how do you increase energize your practice? Here are some tips from Dr. Levin.

Use the Morning Huddle or Daily Business Meeting to focus team and then motivate team members to energize each other

Remember, good teams feed energy from one another!
Dentists can start creating an energized staff by setting a good example yourself, then make a commitment to energize and motivate your team

What does an energized staff do for the dental practice?

Improves customer service
Creates patient trust
Increases case acceptance
Generates more referrals

Highly energized offices:

Perform better
Generate higher customer service ratings
Patients perceived the dentist and staff as more caring, concerned and trustworthy

Learn more by watching the video from Dr. Levin below...


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