Dr. John Flucke explains how his dental practice stays HIPAA-compliant [VIDEO]

I recently had the chance to sit down with Dr. John Flucke, the technology editor for Dental Products Report, and get a "look behind the curtain" as to how his dental practice stays compliant with HIPAA rules and regulations. Click on the video below to see my full interview with Dr. Flucke.

Some of the video highlights include...

** Dr. Flucke's insistence that it's important for every dental practice to remain HIPAA-compliant, and part of that comes from talking with manufacturers about products they might offer to help with that goal. Dr. Flucke is a big fan of Aspida and explains why in the video.

** One of the biggest battles that dental practices face is not having the financial resources to ensure HIPAA-compliance like their medical colleagues. There are no HIPAA compliance offices within a dental practice.

** At his practice, Dr. Flucke conducts at least one HIPAA compliance meeting per year.

** Dr. Flucke believes the biggest problem facing most dental practices is how to remain compliant by using e-mail. Many practitioners are not staying HIPAA-compliant when they communicate with their colleagues. Dr. Flucke explains how that is the case in the video.

** Below is the image Dr. Flucke refers to within the video.