Dr. Flucke talks about "how digital dentistry works"

dentalproductsreport.com-2015-02-01, Issue 2

With all of the advancements in the field of imaging for the dental practice, now is a great time for any dentist to sit down with his or her team and look at how the practice is using imaging and what upgrades might need to be made.

Dr. John Flucke, chief dental editor and technology editor for Dental Products Report, recently sat down with Kevin Henry, DPR's group editorial director, for a candid two-part interview on the current and future of imaging in the dental practice. During the interview, Dr. Flucke was very open about how imaging was used in his own practice as well as how he makes sure he and his entire team are getting the most out of the technology.

"It really is an amazing time for those of us who practice dentistry," Dr. Flucke said. "There has been so much happen in terms of technology. The entire world of imaging has changed with the introduction of cone beam and mobile imaging. Look at the things every dental practice can do from their iPad now. It's just amazing, but I think a lot of dentists don't truly understand what they can do with imaging and how they can get the most 'bang for their buck' with the technology they've invested a lot of money in. It can be a frustration for dentists … but it doesn't have to be."