Double take: "’s more efficient than any other cabinetry I’ve seen."

One dentist’s take on the A-dec Inspire cabinetry line.

Dr. AJ Sekhon opened a startup practice earlier this year, and from the beginning he was pretty confident he’d install A-dec cabinetry in his new office.

He’d used A-dec equipment in the past and had experienced first-hand the quality the company provides. And when he saw the new A-dec InspireTM dental furniture line for the first time during a tour at the company’s headquarters, he knew without a doubt it was the perfect choice. Here’s why:

What first attracted you to the A-dec Inspire line?

It’s really modernized and it’s more efficient than any other cabinetry I’ve seen. And the esthetics are amazing. Everyone compliments me and my team on how great the cabinets look. But they’re also functional. There are different ways you can modify the cabinets. Everything is modular, so you can change things and technicians can fix things without much hassle, and that really appealed to me. It’s easy to operate and efficient, and if anything goes wrong it’s easy to fix.

How do the cabinets make you more efficient?

My system is 12 o’clock so everything is right there at the touch of a button. We have the digital touchscreen control panel in the back, which makes functionality smooth. We can push buttons on the presets to get everything into position the way we want it. We have a timer for impression material and all the cords and wires tuck away. Everything is standalone, which I think is pretty sleek.

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I’ve worked at other practices and installed custom cabinets from a sub-contractor at my other office, so I’m used to all different types of dental equipment and cabinetry. None of it has the same functionality as Inspire, like cleaning lines or having a certain light switch or a tray that moves a certain way. Even being able to pull out the side compartments is great. We don’t have to get up and move around the patient; everything is right there within reach. You can customize the cabinets the way you want to use them and in the end that makes you more efficient.

What are the patient benefits?

When I planned my office, I didn’t want anything attached to the chair. So when patients sit down, they don’t feel constrained by the dental chair or overwhelmed with all the dental equipment around them. They never see me or a team member in front of them changing water or anything else. Everything is behind them. After the procedure, patients are impressed. They feel more open, and the cabinetry helps us do that. That’s what I appreciate about it.
Every day I find something new and cool that I didn’t even know was a function of the package. The attention to detail is very sound. A-dec really did their homework and it paid off.

What are some of those features?

The cabinet utilizes swing-out shelves with arms to position things like an endo motor or an implant motor. The endo motor is attached to the arm. I can bring it out or tuck it into the cabinet, leaving it out of sight, and everything is still connected. In other practices I’ve worked at, the endo motor would be in a cumbersome position in the sense that you have the motor on the side or the cord draped on your legs. In this case, the arms and little features make everything clean, well contained and easy to access. I can feed wire through the back of the cabinet, attach and plug it in so it looks like part of the cabinetry. I can plug things in, like my camera battery pack, to the USB port and leave them there to charge. And everything is customizable so you can modify after the fact.

Why would you encourage other dentists to invest in the Inspire line?

You can modify the cabinets and keep the esthetics, and the cabinets are beautiful. The cabinets have that “wow” factor and when patients see them, they know you’re investing in their experience at the dental office. They can feel the quality and they appreciate that.