Double Take: "Estelite Sigma Quick makes doing dentistry for the dentist easier…”


One dentist explains why he’s been recommending this dental composite from Tokuyama for years.

Estelite Sigma Quick® from Tokuyama is a universal, supra-nano filled dental composite that makes use of 100 percent spherical fillers, which aid in retaining a long-term polish and reduce the polishing time.

We spoke with Dr. Richard Lipscomb, who has a general dentistry practice in Mitchellville, Maryland, on why he has continued to use Estelite Sigma Quick since 2011 and why he recommends it to others.

What made you decide to start using Tokuyama’s Estelite Sigma Quick?

I started using Estelite Sigma Quick (ESQ) in 2011 when I received a sample of it from Tokuyama. At that time, I liked ESQ better than what I was using. Dental materials are always changing, and I keep an open mind about new products and how they can benefit our patients and how they stack up against what I’m currently using.

Consequently, I try new resins all the time, and nothing since 2011 has gotten me away from using ESQ as my main, everyday resin composite material.

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Estelite Sigma Quick has been around for quite a while now. Why do you continue to use it when other products are being released to market?

First, I like the delivery system (syringe or capsule). Second, I like the placement of the material into the cavity prep. Third, the material looks good as it is being positioned to be light-cured. No other resin out there is better than ESQ in that scenario.

What have the patient outcomes been?

ESQ looks good over time, especially in visible anterior areas. It is very durable with no sensitivity.
In your opinion, what does the “spherical filler technology” provide to Estelite Sigma Quick that isn’t provided by other composite solutions?

Spherical filler technology provides the consistency of being creamy with some stiffness, which allows for better and quicker placement of ESQ. The consistency of ESQ is the main characteristic that gets providers hooked on it because it falls right where the users want it (it’s soft but not too soft, it’s stiff but not too stiff, and moves smoothly when moving and positioning it).

How are repairs done with Estelite Sigma Quick wearing in patients you see on return visits?

In regard to repairs, ESQ is no different from most good composites, which means it does a great job fixing chipped, fractured or worn composites. Because ESQ is very durable, I don’t see a lot of badly wornout areas of ESQ, and that’s something that I look for on returning patients.

How do the esthetics of the product hold up?

As I mentioned before, ESQ goes on smoothly, and it looks pretty once it is light-cured and polished. It’s very easy to shape and polish, giving patients a good feeling of ‘the Dr. knows what he/she is doing.’ This happens because patients that have had a lot of fillings done in the past can tell that this material is different in a good way, and we get those comments all the time from patients. ... I can’t give you any reasons why I would use anything else.

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If another dentist asked for a composite recommendation, would you suggest using Estelite Sigma Quick?

I lecture and give dental courses, and this is a product I always mention to providers to try. This is why: ESQ makes doing dentistry for the dentist/EFDA easier, and it gives confidence to patients because it looks and feels like it belongs in their mouth. It’s that simple

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