Double-sided theFlipMirror Dental Mirror Offers Innovative Benefits


Dual-position dental mirror can flip between a 35- and 90-degree angle and is designed to improve visualization and provide better intraoral access.

Double-sided theFlipMirror Dental Mirror Offers Innovative Benefits | Image Credit: © theFlipMirror

Double-sided theFlipMirror Dental Mirror Offers Innovative Benefits | Image Credit: © theFlipMirror

Designed to dramatically improve the view for clinicians and dental hygienists, theFlipMirror® is the first and only double-sided, dual-position dental mirror with the ability to flip between a 35- and 90-degree angle.

The dental mirror is said to decrease procedure time, improve visualization, reduce fatigue, and provide easier access for dental healthcare providers. TheFlipMirror comes equipped with a cracked tooth checker—a mm ruler and fracture checker are included on the handle.

In many situations using a traditional fixed angle dental mirror can be ergonomically challenging, leading to longer procedure times and practitioner fatigue, according to the manufacturer. TheFlipMirror addresses this challenge with its double-sided, dual-position mirror head. The autoclavable mirror and handle connect via a hinge and can be secured at either a 35- or 90-degree position. The ability to flip between both positions facilitates improved visualization as well as easier retraction or displacement of the tongue and cheeks.

Available in 3 colors—pink, blue and dark gray—this unique dental mirror incorporates the best traditional features of dental mirrors plus offers the added benefit of an adjustable hinge. The hinge allows the mirror to be used to both retract tissues, the same as a traditional mirror, as well as to push tissues, such as the tongue, out of the way. The adjustable mirror angle allows for easier visualization of hard-to-see areas such as behind upper molars.  

It is reusable and autoclavable (sterilizable). The device is constructed from polypropylene, a high-quality plastic that can withstand heat and pressure and is considered safer than other plastics. It should be noted, in contrast to metal mouth mirrors, plastic dental mirrors are perceived by most patients to be much more comfortable, according to the company.

TheFlipMirror is a flat, front surface reflecting, intraoral mirror that allows for minimal distortion and superior imaging. The mirror diameter is 19 mm, halfway between the 2 most common intraoral mirror sizes, #4 and #5. Consequently, by combining the best features of intraoral dental mouth mirrors with a double-sided reflecting surface and an adjustable hinge, theFlipMirror is designed to provide a dental intraoral mouth mirror that makes treatment and exams better and easier for clinicians and hygienists.

Also of note, reusable dental mirrors can be maintained for a significant number of sterilization cycles. Intraoral dental mirrors should be replaced once they become scratched or worn to the point of interfering with an accurate reflected image. But proper care and maintenance will extend a dental mirror`s useful life. Once used on a patient, dental mouth mirrors should be prewashed to remove any organic debris, according to the manufacturer of theFlipMirror. Brushes or sponges should be avoided since they tend to scratch the mirror surface.

To watch a video interview with Larry Harlan, DDS, and CEO of theFlipMirror on the Dental Products Report website, click here. Dr Harlan first introduced the product at the CDS Midwinter Meeting in 2022.

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