Don’t scold your patients for not complying with home care

Issue 6

Embarrassing your patients won’t get them to comply. Educate instead.

Embarrassing your patients won’t get them to comply. Educate instead.

It’s difficult enough for patients to come to the dentist. They all-too-often worry about how much procedures are going to hurt or how much money any needed treatment might cost. They’re anxious to begin with, and worrying about what their dentist might say about their flossing habits certainly isn’t going to help them relax.

Instead of scolding patients or making them feel bad about not following through with their home care, make sure you use your time with patients as a chance to educate. Talk to them about the benefits of complying with their home care and how prevention can help save them from pain and additional costs in the long run. Let them know why their oral health is so important, but don’t embarrass them about what they haven’t done so far. Instead, encourage them to do better before their next appointment.

No one wants to feel embarrassed or ashamed, and if a patient leaves your practice feeling that way chances are that patient isn’t coming back. Just remember to stay positive and encouraging. That is a much better way to help keep patients on track, and motivates them to want to improve their oral health.

It’s easy for you and your team members to become frustrated if patients aren’t doing their part. Remember they’re more likely to comply at home if they have a pleasant, educational experience at your office.

Your patients are your practice. Without them, where would you be? You have to know the best ways to attract them to your practice, get them to accept treatment and make them happy, life-long patients.

That’s where we can help. Check back regularly for tips on how to keep your patients happy, healthy and loyal.

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