DMG America releases two new bulk fill products

Ecosite Bulk Fill and Ecosite Bond are engineered to deliver superior esthetics.

DMG America announced the release of Ecosite Bulk Fill and Ecosite Bond, two new bulk fill products. Designed with practice efficiency in mind, they're engineered to deliver superior esthetics and adaptation with one quick 20-second light cure.

“We set out to create a bulk fill that empowered clinicians to work more efficiently without compromising the quality of the care they deliver,” says Tim Haberstumpf, vice president of marketing at DMG America. “The ability of our Ecosite products to smoothly flow under pressure ensures high packability and superb adaptation without sticking to instruments. It reliably cures in a single-layer application to the depth of 5 mm while providing unmatched handling and polishability. With Ecosite, the results are so consistent, placing fillings could not be less exciting.”

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Unlike other bulk fill composites that have dramatically different particle sizes, Ecosite’s submicron nano-technology is engineered to allow for low shrinkage stress and a high-gloss finish for exceptional natural-looking esthetics. Thanks to its unique chemical formulation, Ecosite provides protection by releasing fluoride after placement. Extremely versatile, Ecosite is indicated for dental fillings, Class V restorations and core build-ups.

Ecosite Bulk Fill is now available in two esthetic, all-purpose shades: "universal" and "light" as well as "contrast" for use where contrast with the tooth is desirable. It can be used to fill to a depth of 5 mm, is highly polishable with low shrinkage stress, and features excellent adaptation and handling characteristics.

Ecosite Bond is a light-cured, one-bottle universal bonding agent with optimal bond strength. It's said to offer customers freedom with their etching mode and is ideal for direct restorations of light-cured composite materials.

“In the end, it’s all about simplifying the day for the clinician and the practice as a whole. The Ecosite family of products gives practices a complete system for all their bulk fill needs, all from one of the most trusted names in the industry,” Haberstumpf says.

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