DMG America introduces TempoCem ID temporary cement


The unique formulation reportedly delivers high performance for provisional restorations.

DMG America, makers of temporary crown and bridge material Luxatemp, announced the release of new TempoCem ID, an esthetically-oriented temporary cement.

Unlike other clear temporary cements, the innovative formulation of TempoCem ID allows the clinician to detect excess cement (even below the gum line) which can often be removed in one piece. 

“It’s an often-overlooked material, but the dental profession demands a lot from a temporary cement,” says Tim Haberstumpf, Vice President of Marketing. “It needs to handle well and stay where it’s placed, but come off clean when it’s time for removal. It needs to stand up to the extreme forces of mastication, yet allow for easy removal of the temporary. And it needs to blend in to the tooth when the provisional is placed, yet stand out when it’s time for removal. TempoCem ID makes all these concerns vanish right before your eyes.” 

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Engineered for optimal transparency, TempoCem ID’s color-neutral formulation means it never impacts the shade of the provisional, making it an ideal choice for posterior and anterior restorations alike. Because TempoCem ID is a non-eugenol formulation, there are no adverse reactions with the soft tissue. Available in a handheld syringe, TempoCem ID flows and mixes easily, doesn’t stick to instruments and seals tightly for long-term temporization. 

“It’s really a product that stands out by blending in. The ‘I and D’ in TempoCem ID stands for Invisible and Detectible. As in ‘invisible when you want it to be, detectable when you need it to be. It’s a way of reminding dental professionals that even though you might not be able to see it, it’s there, and working hard for you,” adds Haberstumpf. 

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