DMG America Announces Complete 3D Printing Solution

The new system is comprised of the 3Demax printer, 3Dewash post-processing unit, and the 3Decure light-curing system, as well as LuxaPrint resins.

Designed to provide dental practices and labs with a complete 3D printing solution, DMG America announced the launch of its 3Demax printer along with related equipment and materials.

The 3Demax is a digital light processing (DLP) printer with a resolution of +/- 34 microns. The system features a patented Force Feedback printing technology that is said to increase print speeds by up to 50%. The system features a small footprint to fit on almost any countertop, and is capable of producing surgical guides, burn-out casting molds, mouth guards, occlusal splints, crowns and bridges, and physical models.

Along with the printer, the system also includes the 3Dewash unit designed to wash non-polymerized resin from the 3D printed parts. Then the 3Decure unit is used to completely cure the resins via its 360° illumination.

The system is compatible with DMG's LuxaPrint line of resins including LuxaPrint Cast, LuxaPrint Model, LuxaPrint Ortho, LuxaPrint Tray, and LuxaPrint Gingiva. The company plans to launch additional materials later this year.

Also set to debut later this year is DentaMile connect software. This platform is designed to integrate with all three hardware components of the system. The cloud-based software application connects the system and all the design files being produced while validating the print and production workflows.