Discussing the current state of dental group practices and an upcoming SUMMIT on the topic

Dr. Marc Cooper is a principal at The Mastery Company and will be leading a SUMMIT on dental group practices from May 1-3 in Scottsdale, Ariz. I had the chance to sit down and talk with Dr. Cooper about the current state of dental group practices, where they're heading, and why people should attend the SUMMIT his company has put together.

"I noticed about two or three years ago that the tipping point had been reached for dental group practices," Dr. Cooper told me in the interview. "Most of the dentists out there didn't have an understanding of what was going on, so I thought it would be appropriate to develop a conference where dentists could come and learn about these things."

This will be the third SUMMIT for Dr. Cooper and I asked him how things had changed regarding the change and evolution of dental group practices since his first SUMMIT.

"When the future is coming at you point blank and you have a hundred years of solo practice, there's a certain reaction and that's usually shock and anger to this oncoming onslaught of change," Dr. Cooper said. "But right now, I think we're at the level of acceptance because of the pressure, economics, government, and influence of third parties and PPO, that group practice is the solution."

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