A digital implant solution from Carestream Dental

CS Solutions for Implants is designed to be a fully integrated solution for implant treatment.

Carestream Dental introduced CS Solutions for Implants, a digital integrated implant solution that reportedly supports more confident diagnoses, improves treatment planning, and creates better patient/referral communication and greater confidence when placing implants.

The software is engineered to combine data sets from a digital impression, automatically aligning them in CS 3D Imaging software to create a virtual setup with little to no manipulation from the doctor. A Prosthetic-Driven Implant Planning Module allows doctors to virtually plan the crown and implant on the same screen to ensure that the implant is positioned according to the ideal future restoration.

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CS Solutions is designed to be an open system, allowing data to be exported into third-party software. The digital workflow is said to improve efficiency be eliminating many treatment steps and appointments and improving collaborative planning.

Other features include:

  • Facilitates openness for any lab setup or implant-borne restorations

  • Fully digital, model-free workflow

  • Improves safety and collaboration

  • Results in increased treatment acceptance