DGTL’s Network of Dental Labs Looks to Use Digital Manufacturing to Deliver Economical, Quality Restorations


Texas-based dental lab is focused on bringing overseas manufacturing back to the United States by leveraging new digital manufacturing processes.

Image Credit: © DGTL

Image Credit: © DGTL

Texas-based dental lab DGTL(Digital) has launched its network of digital-only dental labs designed to produce the highest quality, affordable dental restorations—all exclusively manufactured in the United States.

With a new manufacturing process supported by digital technology and 3D manufacturing, DGTL is hoping to allow the U.S. to produce many of the dental restorations that are being completed outside the county. The lab plans to reshape the landscape of dental prosthetics by bringing the $3B+ in work that is currently made overseas, back to the U.S.

Technology that Elevates Dentistry
In an industry where digital manufacturing workflows are quickly replacing outdated analog processes, DGTL hopes to stand out as a leader in the evolving digital dental environment. With 3 innovative manufacturing centers located strategically in California, Texas, and Kentucky, DGTL's labs provide dental professionals with low cost, cutting-edge digital solutions produced here in this country. When the cases stay in the U.S., clinicians and patients no longer bear the burden of overseas supply chain issues in order to save money.

Other Benefits

High Quality: By only accepting digital impressions, DGTL is not only removing costly overhead but also looks to dramatically reduce remakes for those dentists who are making the move into digital dentistry through intraoral scanner adoption.

Made in the United States: 100% of the labs’ products are made in the U.S. Every restoration DGTL produces will be milled or printed in one of its 3 innovation center locations with more centers planned to open.

State-of-the-art Technology: DGTL's labs are equipped with the latest CAD/CAM systems and 3D printing technology, designed to ensure that every restoration meets the highest standards of precision and quality.

Timely and Efficient Service: With a commitment to efficiency, DGTL guarantees prompt lead times of 48 hours or less for most products; additionally, a cutting-edge customer communication platform is said to ensure questions are always answered promptly.

"We are thrilled to introduce DGTL to our esteemed community of doctors, DSOs [dental service organizations] and dental professionals,” Brian Traudt, founder, and CEO of DGTL says in a press release. “For the past 10-15 years, due to the high cost of labor, billions of dollars of dental work have been shuttling back and forth between the U.S. and large offshore dental labs. It made sense because as reimbursements shrunk and labor costs have skyrocketed, dentists and DSOs were looking for ways to stay profitable.”

Expressing enthusiasm about the launch, Traudt adds in the press release, “Now, due to the growing adoption of IOS [intraoral] scanners, digital and 3D manufacturing practices, and more streamlined workflows, we have built a lab network that can compete on cost and wil lturn cases around as quickly as 48 hours. In these uncertain economic and geopolitical times ahead, we wanted to build an innovative dental lab company that brings manufacturing back to the United States and puts the timely, cost-effective care of patients first."

With a focus on high quality, low-cost digital dental restorations, the lab is committed to providing dental professionals with products that elevate patient care while providing a greater return on investment, states DGTL.

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