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DEXIS Unveils AI-Powered Digital Implant Ecosystem


The company announces a new paradigm-shifting advancement in implant dentistry workflows with the launch of the DEXIS digital ecosystem. This cutting-edge platform integrates artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize digital implants, seamlessly merging state-of-the-art CBCT, intraoral scanning, diagnostics, and treatment planning into 1 cohesive system.

DEXIS Unveils AI-Powered Digital Implant Ecosystem | Image Credit: © DEXIS

Image Credit: © DEXIS

For over 7 decades, DEXIS has been at the forefront of providing clinicians with intelligent solutions for precise diagnosis, comprehensive treatment planning, and optimal outcomes. The DEXIS digital ecosystem epitomizes this commitment to excellence. Offering a prosthetic-driven implant system, it provides access to an open imaging platform equipped with cutting-edge diagnostics and treatment planning software, augmented by Assisted Intelligence tailored specifically for implant workflows.

Acknowledging the complexities clinicians face in managing data, processes, and patient expectations, the DEXIS digital ecosystem prioritizes simplicity. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the platform enables clinicians to efficiently organize, analyze, and plan cases while seamlessly collaborating with team members and partners.

Katya Archambault, DMD, an oral and maxillofacial radiologist in La Jolla, California, attests to the platform's transformative impact. "I can complete each step of a clinical case from within 1 software — educating the patient, making a diagnosis, creating a treatment plan, and gaining acceptance. My staff loves it because they don’t have to pull up tons of different programs. It’s all just very clear, clean, and on the same page," Dr Archambault says in a press release this week.

In late 2023, DEXIS introduced the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 3D™ LX, an advanced cone beam computed tomography technology that elevates 3D diagnostic capabilities with flexible field of view (FOV) options and reduced scan times, bolstering diagnostic confidence and supporting evolving practices.

"At DEXIS, our product development team worked with over 200 dentists and their teams to put the customer at the center of our solutions,” says Brian Gooch, global product management and marketing vice president at DEXIS, in the press release while emphasizing the customer-centric approach to product development. “With implant workflows, the DEXIS solution promotes diagnostic confidence and delivers productivity to the office. We are always in motion, driven by a profound commitment to innovate and improve our solutions for clinics striving for a more efficient way of working."

Following the launch of the OP 3D LX, DEXIS unveiled an upgraded version of its intraoral scanning software — IS ScanFlow. Guided by AI-powered tools, users can confidently navigate complex scanning situations, ensuring consistent acquisition of accurate data. The new full arch workflow, for instance, facilitates scan data acquisition for full-mouth rehabilitations, offering step-by-step guidance throughout the process.

Robert Pauley, DMD, a practice owner in Union City, Georgia, is impressed by the ease of use. "We’ve used the new full arch workflow. It’s very easy to take the common scan with the provisional in place, remove and scan the provisional, and then obtain a final scan of the soft tissue with scan bodies," Dr Pauley states in the press release.

Moreover, DEXIS has enhanced the core platform of its digital ecosystem, DTX Studio™ Clinic — an AI-driven diagnostic and treatment planning software seamlessly integrating with the DEXIS intraoral scanning solution. Serving as the central hub for managing all patient data and files, DTX Studio Clinic facilitates every step of the process, from imaging and diagnostics to treatment planning, manufacturing, and follow-up.

Equipped with an array of AI-driven tools, DTX Studio Clinic prioritizes productivity and effective communication. Assisted Intelligence streamlines diagnostics by preparing CBCT images, automatically annotating features, and tracing the mandibular nerve canal, while the automated merging of CBCT and optical scans generates realistic 3D digital renderings for precise treatment planning.

Clinicians retain the flexibility to customize workflows while ensuring visibility for patients, labs, and staff. This is accomplished through a variety of tools and features, including:

  • AI-assisted case setup for chairside diagnostics and treatment planning
  • Dynamic view of images, findings, and treatment plans all on 1 screen
  • Automatic merging of CBCT and intraoral scans
  • AI-powered powered tooth number recognition
  • AI-powered automated tooth setup
  • AI-powered focus area identification
  • Assisted mandibular nerve canal tracing
  • Assisted airway identification
  • Easy partner access to all digital files
  • Cross-practice access to all information from any computer
  • Virtual implant library
  • Surgical guide creation to 3D print in-house or for outsourcing
  • Dynamic surgery with X-Guide

With the DEXIS digital ecosystem, clinicians gain the ability to manage the entire implant process seamlessly, preserving flexibility to adapt workflows based on individual case needs. This interconnected platform is designed to empower clinicians to personalize workflows while ensuring standardization for scalability.

For more details on the potential of the DEXIS digital ecosystem, click here.

DEXIS, a global leader in digital radiography for over 70 years, has united trusted brands in 3D imaging, intraoral scanning solutions, and diagnostic software to offer a comprehensive digital diagnostic solution under 1 brand. The company’s award-winning technology enhances diagnosis, accelerates workflow, and simplifies treatment paths for better patient outcomes.

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