DEXIS to Launch DEXIS 10 Imaging Suite with DEXassist Feature


New technology from DEXIS integrates directly into sensors, streamlining x-ray analysis and pathology detection for clinicians for more efficient care.

DEXIS to Launch DEXIS 10 Imaging Suite with DEXassist Feature. Image credit: © DEXIS

DEXIS to Launch DEXIS 10 Imaging Suite with DEXassist Feature. Image credit: © DEXIS

Dental imaging technology group DEXIS has announced the launch of the DEXassist solution, featuring assisted intelligence (AI)-enabled 2D findings as an addition to the DEXIS 10 Imaging Suite Software. Assisted Intelligence is a term often used to describe a form of AI that works in conjunction with human users to enhance their capabilities, decision-making processes, and overall performance. AI capabilities integrated into the software are intended to support dental practitioners in the analysis and interpretation of dental images. The AI algorithms assist in identifying specific pathologies or abnormalities in 2D intraoral X-rays, providing additional information and insights to aid clinicians in their diagnosis and treatment planning. This solution aims to redefine how practitioners approach the interpretation of intraoral x-rays, according to a press release from DEXIS.

The DEXassist solution, which is said to seamlessly integrate with the DEXIS 10 software, draws on the power of AI from DTX Studio™ Clinic. It is designed to empower dental professionals to identify and analyze 6 crucial pathologies in 2D intraoral x-rays. These include cavities, calculus, bone loss, periapical radiolucency, root canal filing deficiency, and discrepancies at the margin of an existing restoration.

Lori Clements, Vice President, Commercial, North America at DEXIS, emphasizes the user-friendly nature of the DEXassist solution, stating in the press release, “Integration with current DEXIS software means that installation is quick and easy for practices that are already familiar with DEXIS systems. This allows staff to begin using DEXassist right away without having to learn how to operate a new system.”

DEXassist is able to integrate with existing DEXIS sensors which may be a boon for dental practices that want to eliminate the need for additional training. This ensures a smooth transition for dental practices, promoting efficiency and minimizing disruptions to daily workflows, according to Brian Gooch, Vice President, Global Product Management.

“DEXassist’s AI solution helps to identify and supports diagnoses in up to 6 areas of dental pathologies, helping clinicians and staff to save time and optimize patient care,” Gooch says im the press release. “DEXassist also allows practitioners to share AI findings with patients in an easy-to-understand format when discussing their diagnosis and treatment plan."

In a click, clinicians can now identify key focus areas when taking x-rays directly within the DEXIS software, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and streamlining the decision-making process. Moreover, the DEXassist solution is said to facilitate effective communication with patients by presenting AI findings in an easily understandable format. Built on the robust DEXIS Imaging Suite Software platform, the DEXassist solution not only maintains high-performance standards but also introduces new efficiencies and diagnostic capabilities. The solution encourages standardization in workflows, ensuring consistency and reliability in dental practices.

For practitioners eager to experience the benefits of DEXassist, DEXIS is offering a 30-day free trial. This provides an opportunity for dental professionals to explore the capabilities of this solution and witness firsthand the impact on diagnostic confidence, efficiency, and overall productivity that may occur in their dental practice.

To learn more about the DEXassist solution and take advantage of the 30-day free trial, visit DEXIS's website.

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