DEXIS Introduces the FDA 510(k) Cleared ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP 3D LX


DEXIS Introduces the FDA 510(k) Cleared ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP 3D LX. Image: © DEXIS

DEXIS Introduces the FDA 510(k) Cleared ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP 3D LX. Image: © DEXIS

DEXIS, a pioneer in dental imaging technology, is proud to unveil the groundbreaking OP 3D LX, a new generation of its notable OP 3D technology. This advanced panoramic imaging system brings a host of innovations designed to enhance diagnostic capabilities and streamline dental workflows, according to a press release from DEXIS.

The OP 3D LX boasts several notable features, such as:

  • Expanded Field of View (FOV): Dentists can now access larger FOV options of up to 15(H) x 20(D) cm, providing a more comprehensive view for accurate diagnoses.
  • Seamless artificial intelligence (AI) Integration: The OP 3D LX seamlessly integrates with the AI-powered DTX Studio™ Clinic software, offering dentists powerful tools for improved diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Enhanced Patient Positioning: Improved positioning ensures precise imaging, reducing the need for retakes and boosting clinical confidence.
  • Enhanced Image Clarity: The OP 3D LX delivers crystal-clear images, allowing dentists to visualize even the smallest details.
  • Cloud-Based Connectivity: This innovative system connects to the cloud, enabling remote access for easy installation, maintenance, and improved practice efficiency.

Lori Clements, Vice President, Commercial, North America at DEXIS, highlights the significance of the OP 3D LX: "The OP 3D LX offers all the powerful features practices know and trust from our OP 3D line, with the addition of new innovations that provide expanded flexibility, improved workflow efficiencies, and enhanced diagnostic confidence."

DEXIS has historically collaborated with renowned CBCT brands, including Instrumentarium, SOREDEXTM, Cranex, Gendex™, and i-CATTM. Over the last 15 years, DEXIS has installed over 35,000 CBCT units in dental practices, and the OP 3D product line continues to evolve. The OP 3D LX offers a comprehensive range of 2D and 3D imaging options, covering various dental extraoral needs, from endodontics to complex surgical cases. With flexible FOV options ranging from 5(H) x 5(D) cm up to 15(H) x 20(D) cm, it is the most extensive FOV option available on the DEXIS OP 3D platform, enabling efficient workflows with single non-stitched scans.

Additionally, the integration with the DTX Studio Clinic software introduces AI-assisted features like MagicAssist™, simplifying tasks and allowing dentists to spend more time with patients. These AI features include 3D x-ray landmark detection, tooth-centric workflows, correction of patient positioning, and annotation of mandibular nerve canals, per the press release. The system is said to allow for precise adjustments, bi-directional scout modifications, and without interfering with soft tissue profiles for orthodontic and surgical applications.

An embedded noise reduction feature, EPNR (Edge Preserving Noise Reduction), ensures clean, high-quality images with minimal artifacts, providing clinicians with detailed visibility in areas of interest.

DEXIS demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction by including a 60-day satisfaction guarantee program with each purchase. Additionally, they offer self-paced educational opportunities with a radiologist on reading CBCT scans, ensuring clinicians maximize the advantages of CBCT technology.

Starting September 18, 2023, dental practices can place orders for the OP 3D LX. Note that the OP 3D LX may not yet be available in all regions. To check availability, contact your local DEXIS representative or preferred dealer partner. For more information about this cutting-edge technology, visit the website here.

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