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DEXIS Eleven software drives efficiency with the power of the Cloud


DEXIS, LLC, a brand of the KaVo Kerr Group, announced its latest software release – DEXIS™ Eleven. Customers will benefit from a range of workflow improvements, including drag-and-drop tooth numbering, enhanced security, and fewer clicks for case presentation.

DEXIS, LLC, a brand of the KaVo Kerr Group, announced its latest software release – DEXIS™ Eleven. Customers will benefit from a range of workflow improvements, including drag-and-drop tooth numbering, enhanced security, and fewer clicks for case presentation.

Building on the solid foundation of DEXIS Imaging Suite, DEXIS Eleven helps dental practices in and out of the operatory. In the operatory, DEXIS simplifies your tooth numbering and reduces the number of clicks required for case presentation and common workflows. The software also provides peace of mind through security improvements, always-on Cloud Backup of patient images, and the ability to access images from anywhere through CloudVu.

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 “DEXIS is known for driving software efficiency, with features like our five-minute FMX. This next-generation software retains the functionality of previous versions,” said Brian Gooch, DEXIS Software Product Manager. “Building on this legacy, we’ve focused on reducing time in the operatory with improvements, like drag-and-drop tooth numbering and history view.”

The tooth number dialogue allows the user to assign tooth numbers using drag-and-drop functionality. With this new feature, the user can easily move imported and intraoral camera images into predefined tooth number bins. Users retain the ability to assign a specific tooth number if needed. The new History View feature sorts and displays patient images by date to allow for a faster search when viewing past images.

 “DEXIS Eleven furthers our focus on innovation with the introduction of enhanced security and cloud-based tools Cloud Backup and CloudVu,” said Gooch. “Security is more important than ever and DEXIS Eleven introduces user logins and audit tracking so that offices know who is accessing their sensitive patient data.”

DEXIS Core is the single, centralized location used by DEXIS Eleven to store patient images and allows easy access to those images. DEXIS Core also powers a new collection of online tools beginning with Cloud Backup of patient images and CloudVu for remote access of patient images.

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HIPAA-level image storage continues to be top-of-mind for many dentists. DEXIS Eleven provides users with the ability to create log-ins for each user and access audit data on user activity. When backing up patient images, the Cloud Backup feature allows for cloud storage of patient data that is encrypted on its way to the cloud and encrypted when it is stored. With additional audit tracking, redundancy and temperature-controlled server environments, Cloud Backup gives you peace of mind that your patient data is secure.

“DEXIS Eleven users that decide to use Cloud Backup can rest assured that their images are secured in near real-time,” said Gooch. “IT issues can happen. Having DEXIS as your back-up means that you are prepared and able to easily restore your data.”

Once stored in the cloud, DEXIS Eleven software users can add CloudVu, which enables access to patient images from anywhere. This intuitive web-based extension of DEXIS allows the user to view and edit patient images at any time, from any location and see any changes in DEXIS Eleven. DEXIS CloudVu requires a Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop.

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“CloudVu gives me the ability to address patient needs, even for emergencies when I am not in the office,” said Jonny Brennan, MD, DMD, MPH. “With DEXIS Eleven, I have the flexibility to answer staff questions, make treatment plans and coordinate referrals from anywhere that I have an internet connection.”

DEXIS Eleven with CloudVu allows users to view patient images from almost any location. The refreshed look and feel remains consistent with earlier versions of the DEXIS, which means users will interact with familiar tools and functionality.

“Our goal is to make this upgrade fast and simple for existing users,” said Gooch.  “Who should upgrade to DEXIS Eleven? Offices that need a no-hassle way to back-up their patient images and want access to DEXIS images from anywhere.”

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Existing DEXIS users can upgrade quickly while their patient images migrate in the background. To experience DEXIS Eleven’s workflow improvements, enhanced security, and new Cloud Backup and CloudVu features, current DEXIS owners can visit www.dexis.com/upgrade to schedule their upgrade to DEXIS Eleven.

DEXIS products are available exclusively through Henry Schein, Inc., the world's largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental, animal health and medical practitioners. In addition, DEXIS maintains seamless integration between its digital imaging and Dentrix® practice management software, owned by Henry Schein, with DEXIS Integrator™ for Dentrix. For DEXIS indications for use, visit www.dexis.com/ifu.


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