Desktop Health Launches Metal Binder Jetting for Dental Labs

The company's new Shop System is said to offer cost-effective appliance production.

Desktop Health has announced its release of The Shop System™, a turnkey metal 3D printing solution for the dental industry along with the launch of chrome-cobalt for use in dental applications. Said to be one of the world’s fastest metal binder jetting solutions, The Shop System is designed to provide superior surface finish and resolution for dental appliances and surgical guides.

The system will allow dental laboratories to mass customize 3D printing, which is said to help eliminate the labor costs associated with machine programming required for CNC milling. The Shop System can print up to 32 partials in less than 4 hours. In addition, metal parts on the Shop System print fully supported in the powder bed and feature hand-removable sintering setters, which is also said to reduce labor time and costs.

The system can drive down part costs for custom dental applications, including partials, to as low as ⅓ the cost for comparable part quantities produced with laser-based 3D printing by reducing post-processing and providing high throughput printing. The Shop System includes all of the software, hardware, and materials dental labs need to begin binder jetting dental appliances. It is currently available, while Chrome-Cobalt will be commercially available pending clearance by the US Food and Drug Administration.