Desktop Health Launches Einstein Dental 3D Printer Series

This new 3D dental printer series from Desktop Health offers speed, accuracy, and versatility for both the lab and the practice.

Desktop Health has announced the commercial launch of its new family of dental 3D printers called the Einstein series. This series of 3D printers uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology for best fit and finish, and Hyperprint technology to use heat and a closed-loop software upgrade.

The Einstein series is meant to deliver accuracy and versatility. The entire series includes: The Einstein, which is made for general dentists who wish to use chairside printing, The Einstein Pro which is made for small dental labs, and the Einstein Pro XL made for larger dental labs. The Einstein series is an important draw for practice owners who wish to offer more advanced technology for the office, according to same-day dentistry expert and practitioner August de Oliveira, DDS.

“As a dental professional, I see first-hand how the personalization of 3D printing for healthcare is impacting my patients,” Dr de Oliveira said in a press release from the company. “Patients care about the procedures offered by their dentists, and many are now considering switching to a dentist who uses more advanced technology.”