Desktop Health Announces Flexcera 3D Printed Denture Resins

New system of 3D printing resins aim to provide 3D printed dentures without compromising on durability or esthetics.

Designed to provide a 3D printed denture solution that didn’t compromise on strength or esthetics, the Flexcera materials from Desktop Health include Flexcera Base and Flexcera Smile.

The new materials were developed to provide the strength of a ceramic restoration, while retaining the denture properties derived from long chain chemistry of denture materials, according to a press release. The Flexcera materials are approved for exclusive use with EnvisionTEC 3D printers and can be used in a workflow to provide same-day dentures without compromising on quality. The solution can be used to produce up to eight dentures in less than 2 hours. The materials offer high fracture and moisture resistance to provide durable prosthetics

The two materials mark the first products produced by Desktop Health, a recently launched division of Desktop Metal. The Flexcera materials are expected to be commercially available in the US and Canada by the end of June.