Dentulu and The TeleDentists Partner Up

This partnership will combine the network, software, and clinicians in order to expand oral health care access.

Dentulu has announced a partnership with teledentisty network, The TeleDentists. This partnership was created to expand access even further for patients who wish to receive quality dental care from the comfort of their own homes, according to a press release from the companies.

Dentulu will combine its expansive dental network and teledentistry software to The TeleDentists’s network of professional clinicians. Co-founder and CEO of Dentulu Dr Arash Hakhamian stressed the importance of improving patient’s lives through this partnership.

“Both Dentulu and The TeleDentists recognize the tremendous institutional and professionaldemand across the United States to provide innovative technology that will improve the oralhealth and quality of life of dental patients,” Dr Hakhamian said in the press release. “Combining Dentulu’s growing list of collaborations with major retailers along withThe TeleDentists’ extensive network of Virtual Dentists provides Dentulu the opportunity to helpmillions of patients receive immediate access to a licensed Dentist when they need it most.”

The TeleDentists have also partnered with insurance companies Cigna and Anthem to provide coverage to members. Dentulu and The TeleDentists plan to launch the partnership this month, October, 2021, and are currently working toward a full merger.