Dentsply Sirona Validates New Implant Workflow

Dentsply Sirona is the first intraoral scanner validated for Atlantis suprastructures.

Dentsply Sirona has validated a new digitally supported implant workflow. This implant workflow is said to support full arch fixed implant restorations with Atlantis suprastructures through the use of Primescan. Clinicians can use Primescan to take a digital impression over the entire arch with guidance from the new upgrade of Connect SW 5.2.

The Atlantis suprastructures can be for the partial or full-arch case, and are developed using the digital impression taken by the Primescan. The intraoral scanner is said to be faster and more accurate, according to a press release from Dentsply Sirona. These suprastructures are specifically designed for each patient from Atlantis’s own digital laboratory.

“It is a big step forward to restore edentulous jaws using a digital workflow. This makes the process of planning, surgery and restoration between the clinician and the laboratory more coherent and offers very good esthetic results, while taking less clinical time,” London clinician Dr Martin Wanendeya said in the press release. “Atlantis’ validation for Primescan gives us as practitioners the reassurance that it works reliably and consistently.”

Dentsply Sirona is the first to enable intraoral scans with Atlantis suprastructures for fixed multiple-unit implant restorations. Atlantis suprastructures were previously only validated for laboratory scanners.