Dentsply Sirona unveils two new solutions at SIROWORLD


At the recent Siroworld event, Dentsply Sirona introduced two new solutions: The Intego pro Ambidextrous, which allows a quick switch for left- or right-handed clinicians, and the LEDview Plus operatory light, which is said to provide better optics for every case and procedure.

At the recent SIROWORLD event in Orlando, Dentsply Sirona unveiled some new products designed to simplify and improve both clinician experience and patient outcomes.

The first allows the Intego pro treatment center to work for every user, and the second helps every patient receive the best in care.

Right- or left-handed: Intego pro Ambidextrous

The Dentsply Sirona family of treatment centers has now a new member: Intego pro Ambidextrous offers an ergonomic workflow, also for left-handed dentists. The stations are designed to provide flexibly positionable components for the left-handed clinician, as well as for their right-handed colleagues. The intelligent conversion mechanism allows a switch from right to left and vice versa in less than 15 seconds. The mechanism is engineered to not only work intuitively, but also effortlessly in a single flow. 

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As a result, Intego pro Ambidextrous saves treatment time. The new Treatment Center also offers ergomotion and the possibility of a complete sanitation unit to optimize the workflows and experience not only for the practitioner but also for the staff and the patients.

Ergonomics and hygiene with the new operating light

With the new LEDview Plus operating light, Dentsply Sirona offers not only optimal illumination of the treatment site but also ensures an ergonomic workflow and hygienic safety. The new LEDview Plus is equipped with polychrome LEDs which enable true-to-life colour rendering. As a result, the evaluation of the gingiva and the hard dental tissue reportedly is easier and, consequently, the treatment is safer. 

Step-by-step technique: An integrated surgical guide

One special feature is the composite mode: If a composite filling is placed, the white LEDs can be deactivated in order to reduce the blue light component. This reportedly prevents premature hardening of the filling material. The ease of use of the operation light is indispensable for an ergonomic workflow. The LEDview Plus can be controlled both non-contact via a sensor and from the EasyTouch control panel on the dentist’s element. Positioning grips are mounted on both sides, which can be removed, cleaned and thermodesinfected.

For more information, contact Dentsply Sirona at 800-877-0020 or by visiting

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