Dentsply Sirona showcases latest designs for treatment centers

Each Dentsply Sirona treatment center is said to visualize high-quality functions with an ergonomic design and clean lines.

What turns a plain dentist’s appointment into a first-class treatment? Dentsply Sirona’s answer to this question is the premium design concept for its treatment centers Teneo, Sinius and Intego. In a concept where “form follows function," each treatment center is said to visualize high-quality functions with an ergonomic design and clean lines. This reportedly ensures comfort for the patient as well as an optimal working position and workflow for the dentist.

Award-winning design with three color schemes

"Our treatment centers’ design evokes trust and spreads an atmosphere of safety and reliability. The patient experiences this in a fraction of a second," says Susanne Schmidinger, vice president, global brand marketing and clincial affairs, equipment and instruments. Dentsply Sirona’s treatment centers are said to combine harmonious color design with a distinctively streamlined shape. The design concept provides three color worlds grouping together shades that harmonize particularly well with each other. This convincing design received renowned awards such as the iF Design Gold Award and the nomination for the German Design Award.

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Premium design visualizes hand-made high quality

The essential basics for premium design are high-value materials and high-quality production processes. Therefore, Dentsply Sirona’s treatment centers are said to rely on three indispensable principles:

  • Collaborating with specialized designers guarantees that the treatment centers show a state-of-the-art ingenuity that fulfill and exceed the customers’ high expectations.

  • The research and development (R&D) work hand in hand with the procurement department to carefully select the best possible materials for the treatment centers.

  • According to Dentsply Sirona’s demanding test procedures, the upholstery needs to pass 250,000 stresses and strains without loss of quality – 150,000 times more than officially required.

The upholstery is available in two versions: As a premium option that's processed by thermoforming for ultra-firm cushioning, or as a hand-sewn lounge version with a smooth and seamless surface for a flat design.

Latest design trenDS within the dental sector

The latest trends in design will be published in Dentsply Sirona’s exclusive trenDS magazine at this year’s IDS. In this issue, Dentsply Sirona has discovered four exciting new directions among dental practice designs all over the world: mindful clarity, striking energy, sensitive luminance and refined luxury.

Tangible benefits for patients and dentists

The well well-thought-out design of Dentsply Sirona treatment centers is said to benefit both patients and dentists. Thanks to the compact but soft upholstery, patients enjoy a stable and comfortable positioning, including support of their shoulder and back area. The cooling effect of the thermo upholstery reportedly reduces accumulated heat in the seat and back area to contribute to the patient’s relaxation, whereas the lounge version offers extra comfort through additional softness. Moreover, the spacious legroom enables easy access to the treatment center. At the same time, the dentist can work in an ergonomic position throughout the treatment. In addition, the treatment centers’ flat surfaces are designed to be easy to clean and disinfect.