Dentsply Sirona’s New inLab Software 22.0 Integrates CEREC Primemill Into Streamlined Workflows

Company’s CAD and CAM applications offer users a harmonized new user interface at a design and manufacturing level, additional design options and extended connectivity to CEREC Primemill.

Designed to make digital manufacturing of dental restorations convenient and flexible, Dentsply Sirona announces its latest inLab Software 22.0. A full version of the inLab Software 22.0 is available for new and existing Dentsply Sirona customers.

Its range of new features include indication extensions, as well as a new, harmonized user interface for a modern look and for an easy and seamless transition to other software products within the company’s product line.

inLab CAD Software 22.0 follows in the footsteps of Dentsply Sirona’s already successfully established solution for digitally manufactured full dentures. The software offers the extension for full-over-natural dentures (single arch denture), optimizes gingiva designs and integrates new Digital Genios and Digital Portrait tooth libraries from Dentsply Sirona used in milling and 3D print production.

For the first time, the new software can now support the design and manufacturing of a CEREC Guide 3 surgical guide in a completely improved workflow, as well as the implant supported restoration design for DS PrimeTaper implant system.

More Manufacturing Options
One major innovation is the possibility to integrate CEREC Primemill into the digital production processes of labs and dental practices. This is designed to provide fast milling results with high levels of accuracy. inLab CAD SW 22.0 users benefit from a design and manufacturing workflow that adjusts to the machine’s parameters. Users of other CAD/CAM manufacturing systems can also flexibly integrate CEREC Primemill via the open inLab CAM Software 22.0.*

"The connection of CEREC Primemill to the open inLab CAM Software opens up additional performance potential for me in the lab, not only with respect to the super-fast milling of zirconia or the extra-fine grinding of glass-ceramics, but also in terms of the ability to process restoration data from other CAD software. With the 0.5 milling tools, I achieve very good surfaces in a short time. I really enjoy using the Primemill,” says Jens Richter, dental technician, Zahntechnik Kerstin Strassburger in Rochlitz, Germany.

With the installation of inLab CAM Software 22.0, the new inLab CAM service is available for the first time. The database provides central management and storage of production data for Dentsply Sirona production units connected to the local network. This allows for improved data that’s up to date and more secure when data processing.

inLab CAM Software is set to become an integral part of the company’s most recently announced device Primeprint Solution—a professional 3D printing solution that helps dental professionals produce a range of medical applications.

inLab CAD SW 22.0 and inLab CAM SW 22.0 are available online as full versions. inLab users and new customers can reach out to their point of contact in the regional sales organizations to purchase full licenses and/or updates.

* Dentsply Sirona rejects liability for all possible risks to the user, third parties and the production device itself with all associated components when processing designs based on *.stl file format.