Dentsply Sirona presents the Purevac HVE


The new product combines suction and mirror tools into one hand-held device.

Digital technologies, modern instruments, sophisticated solutions - dentists and their assistants benefit equally from all of this. Dentsply Sirona will present other products that bring added value, time-savings and better practice procedures, particularly for assistants. One example is the innovative mirror suction. 

Dental assistants make more use of the suction device and the dental mirror than almost any other instruments. Dentsply Sirona has combined the two into a single instrument - the Purevac HVE. The advantages: With the suction mirror, fewer instrument changes are necessary. It can be used for both wet and dry treatment, for blasting powder, and also for larger particles. The instrument removes aerosols, splashes, liquids, and deposits from the patient's oral cavity, while at the same time guaranteeing a good view and illumination of the treatment area. 

Convenient handling, efficient operation 

Dentsply Sirona also presents other products for tasks beyond chairside assistance, e.g. for patient history and diagnosis. The new XCP-PSP FitTM phosphor plate holder system for intraoral X-rays functions with all the common phosphor plate brands, and it reportedly requires only a quarter of the parts needed for comparable systems to cover all of the indications. The sizes and arrows printed directly on the parts, along with the color-coded system, enable an uncomplicated setup of the autoclavable bite block. The secure sleeve band and the spring arm design of the bite block are designed to ensure that the photostimulated phosphor plate (PSP) stays in place throughout the entire X-ray workflow. 

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The X-ray software, Sidexis 4, reportedly guarantees even easier operation of X-ray units thanks to regular updates. Whether sensor, imaging plates, or 3D X- rays, all of the devices are uncomplicated to use and they always deliver clear, high-resolution images for quick, safe work processes. 

Tailor-made prophylaxis concept 

Prophylaxis assistants and dental hygienists have advantages working with the Intego Pro treatment center: The dentist/assistant element and the tray system can be optimally positioned for two-handed treatment to enable fatigue-free work. This gives the prophylaxis assistant optimized reach distances and good access to the patients. Up to five instruments are needed for prophylactic treatment, including up to two electric motors. 

Fluoridation of the cleaned surfaces of the teeth is the perfect conclusion to a treatment. Nupro® White Varnish with fluoride can be applied directly to the moist teeth without drying them first. The result is a uniform layer with no dripping or stringing that becomes transparent on contact with saliva. This solution is available in the following flavors: mint, grape, and raspberry.

A safe system for optimal hygiene 

Under the PracticeProtectTM label, Dentsply Sirona offers a comprehensive range of products for the prevention of infection, all from a single source. The color-coded PracticeProtectTM wheel simplifies product selection and cataloging. 

The DAC Universal from Dentsply Sirona ensures the validated reconditioning of hand and contra-angle pieces and turbines, ultrasonic handpieces and tips, and multifunctional syringes and air polishing units. But nothing is so perfect that it can't be made even better to further simplify processes for the practice team. At the IDS from March 12 - 16, 2019, interested specialized dental assistants are invited to experience these products and technologies, and many others from Dentsply Sirona, and to test them under the watchful eye of a specialist. As always, there will be special trade fair terms for any purchases made at the Dentsply Sirona booth at the IDS. 

"Our goal is to be a reliable partner for the entire team in the dental office," says Thomas Leonardi, group vice president, consumables dental product group, Dentsply Sirona. "This means that we supply dental hygienists with innovative ideas and safe solutions that make their work easier and help to ensure the success of the practice." 

Due to the different approval and registration times, not all technologies and products are immediately available in all countries. 



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