Dentsply Sirona Launching Primeprint Solution Medical-Grade 3D Printing System for Dental Practices and Labs

The highly automated, end-to-end 3D printing system for dentists and dental technicians who want to expand their treatment and service offerings to be available later this year.

During a virtual event that featured participants and speakers from around the world, Dentsply Sirona on Friday announced its new Primeprint Solution for dental practices and laboratories, the first of a new generation of Dentsply Sirona devices designed to transform digital dentistry.

With a printing process that is simplified and automated, this new 3D printing solution makes it easy to manufacture patient-specific and biocompatible appliances. The printer uses digital light processing (DLP) technology, where resins are polymerized using UV light. The light projector hardens the resin layer by layer. Primeprint as a 3D printing solution also automates the post-processing of printed objects, which previously would have required complex, messy and time-consuming manual work.

Primeprint Solution will be the first new device by Dentsply Sirona specifically built to integrate into the digital universe that the company is creating with its digital technology partner Google Cloud to connect many parts of the dental practice and dental lab across a vast array of procedures. Google Cloud also participated in the virtual event and discussed ways in which the partnership can organize and simplify digital dentistry going forward.

The collaboration, announced at the end of February, will generate new digital solutions for dentistry, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms at scale and supported by an integrated cloud solution. It will have a consistent user interface and user experience across its devices and services that will be as simple to use as a smartphone app.

A Medical-Grade 3D Printing End-to-End Solution
The combination of Dentsply Sirona’s Cloud and Design Services will form an open, collaborative platform where dentists and dental technicians can work together to elevate patient care. Through this platform, dentists can request high-quality CAD designs as ready-to-print files for 3D printing with Primeprint, created by expert lab technicians.

Primeprint Solution is equipped with dental intelligence through the entire process: from software to 3D printing and post processing. Regulated parameters ensure the high quality of printed appliances for excellent treatment outcomes, according to Dentsply Sirona. Primeprint’s process protocol, involving automated process times, supports a high level of safety based on medical device compliance and automatic case documentation.

"For us dentists, Primeprint Solution turns 3D printing into an efficient application for everyday use, and that’s also great for my patients," says Mike Skramstad, DDS, from Orono, Minnesota, who demonstrated the 3D printing solution during Friday’s event. "The workflow is simplified, end-to-end, so I can get the best possible results."

For dental technician Christian Schuchmann from Darmstadt, Germany, the efficiency of the system is an important aspect: “I am more than enthusiastic about Primeprint, as it means 3D printing on a completely new level for our dental lab. The printer speed allows me to run multiple print jobs even during the day.”

All In One: Safe, Automated, Accurate and Reliable
The new Primeprint Solution—with its software, printer, post processing unit and validated material concept—offers a wide range of applications allowing opportunities for business growth. It also streamlines the manufacturing process allowing for increased delegation and improved productivity.

"Primeprint Solution is the first of a new generation of Dentsply Sirona devices that will transform digital dentistry—as an integral part of a new digital environment for dentistry,” Cord Staehler, Chief Technology Officer at Dentsply Sirona, says. "This system now enables 3D printing to be the professional solution of choice for dental practices and labs. Working with it, you will be surprised how easy it is to use. And of course, this is just the start. As materials continue to evolve, so will the treatment opportunities that can be solved with 3D printing. Some of our beta testers have called Primeprint the easiest way to get into 3D printing in dentistry.”

Denstply Sirona says the Primeprint Solution will be available throughout the world later this year.