Dentsply Sirona to launch TPH Spectra ST

The composite is uniquely designed with SphereTEC filler technology.

Does your composite know what matters to you? The new TPH Spectra® ST universal composite from Dentsply Sirona does.

Uniquely designed with new and novel filler technology, SphereTEC™, it simplifies the path to long-lasting, esthetic restorations. TPH Spectra ST composite lets you choose your preferred viscosity – creamy and spreadable or firm and packable – and enjoy elevated performance in the areas that matter most, including easy adaptation to the cavity, non-stickiness to your instrument, excellent sculptability and slump resistance quickly polishable to a high gloss.

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TPH Spectra ST composite utilizes an intuitive ‘CLOUD’ shading system that covers the entire VITA range with five stain resistant shades, thus streamlining your composite inventory and making shade selection simple and accurate.

TPH Spectra ST is expected to launch Oct. 1.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-532-2855.