Dentsply Sirona introduces TPH Spectra ST flow


Designed to perfectly complement TPH Spectra ST universal composite, new TPH Spectra ST flow is characterized by cutting-edge SphereTEC filler technology.

Dentsply Sirona’s new TPH Spectra® ST flow extends the benefits of the novel SphereTEC® filler technology to flowable composites. Excellent chameleon blending reportedly enables five shades to cover the full VITA® range, and flow-on-demand handling provides versatility across all traditional flowable indications. 

Dentsply Sirona’s latest innovation in composite filler technology, SphereTEC, was introduced to the dental industry in 2015 and to North America in 2017. More than 14 million composite restorations later, clinicians will now be able to enjoy SphereTEC benefits in all composite cases with the comprehensive TPH Spectra ST portfolio. Designed to perfectly complement TPH Spectra ST universal composite, new TPH Spectra ST flow flowable composite restorative is characterized by this cutting-edge filler technology.

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SphereTEC technology reportedly enables TPH Spectra ST flow composite to excel in the areas that matter most to dentists: handling, esthetics and durability. The spherical-shaped filler particles are said to allow for excellent adaptation to cavity surfaces and work together with smaller irregular-shaped filler particles in the material to achieve versatile, flow-on-demand-handling. Precise match of SphereTEC filler to the TPH Spectra ST flow resin matrix is designed to create an excellent chameleon shade blending effect and a perfect match to TPH Spectra ST universal composite shades. The unique structure of SphereTEC fillers is engineered to maximize composite strength and durability, while their sub-micron primary particle size reportedly ensures excellent esthetics and polishability.

The new TPH Spectra ST flow composite brings enhanced simplicity and versatility to traditional flowable indications. It uses five universal CLOUD shades A1 to A4 to cover the entire VITA® Classic range, streamlining flowable composite inventory and ensuring highly esthetic clinical results thanks to their distinct chameleon effect. TPH Spectra ST flow composite also offers one bleach shade (BW), two opaque dentin shades (D1 and D3) and one translucent enamel shade (E1) to accommodate special cases.

Dentists can dispense this flowable composite using syringes or the Compula® Tips unit-dose option. Syringe refills are packaged with two syringes (1.8g each) and 25 syringe tips, while Compula Tips refills contain 16 Compula Tips (0.25g each).

TPH Spectra ST flow composite will be available for purchase  from authorized distributors on April 8, 2019.  With this product introduction, dentists can simplify every restoration with the TPH Spectra ST family of composites, featuring SphereTEC filler technology:

  • TPH Spectra ST Effects composite simplifies complex anterior cases;

  • And now TPH Spectra ST flow composite provides efficient esthetic flowable versatility.

For more information about the new TPH Spectra ST flow composite, contact your local Dentsply Sirona Restorative representative, Dentsply Sirona customer service at 800-532-2855 (option 2), or visit

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