Dentsply Sirona Introduces New SureSmile VPro, Retainer, and Teeth Whitening Solutions

Dentsply Sirona introduces its SureSmile solution, including an orthodontic acceleration device, a retainer, and a teeth whitening kit.

Dentsply Sirona has introduced SureSmile® VPro™, SureSmile Retainers and SureSmile™ Whitening Kit. This comes with Dentsply Sirona’s clear aligner offerings. SureSmile VPro is an orthodontic acceleration device that uses high-frequency vibration to reduce patient discomfort and improve aligner tracking according to a press release from Dentsply Sirona.

This also comes with the new SureSmile retainer, which is indicated for use after aligner therapy to maintain teeth alignment and prevent relapse. Finally, the SureSmile Whitening Kit will be provided and is suitable at the end of treatment to brighten teeth. These solutions combine to create the full SureSmile package. Said to be formulated with advanced materials, these SureSmile solutions are designed for durability and efficiency.

This orthodontic and whitening system is available for clinicians to assist patients in the clinical setting. These new additions were said to be created to demonstrate Dentsply Sirona’s commitment to best clear aligner practices.