Dentsply Sirona Begins Offering Pre-Sterilized Vortex Blue Endodontic Instruments

New blister packs of Vortex Blue instruments join the previously released pre-sterilized blister packs of ProTaper Gold, WaveOne Gold, and TruNatomy files.

In an effort to promote both safe dentistry and a clinician’s ability to choose the products they prefer, Dentsply Sirona recently began selling Vortex Blue Rotary files in pre-sterilized blister packs. The files are designed for single patient use to eliminate the potential of cross-contamination.

The files feature a distinctive blue color due to a titanium oxide layer that results from the proprietary NiTi processing process used to create the files. The files are designed to provide enhanced resistance to cyclic fatigue while offering increased torque strength, reduced shape memory, and the ability to conform to the natural curves of the canal.

The new pre-sterilized blister packs each contain 6 individually packaged files. Dentsply Sirona’s other endodontic file products including ProTaper Gold, WaveOne Gold, and TruNatomy files also are available in pre-sterilized blister packs.