Dentist, Hygienist Honored for Excellence in Oral Cancer Screening with OralID


Forward Science names James Ki Lee, DDS, and Gwen Duong, RDH, as this year's distinguished honorees.

Dentist, Hygienist Honored for Excellence in Oral Cancer Screening with OralID | Image Credit: © Forward Science

Dentist, Hygienist Honored for Excellence in Oral Cancer Screening with OralID | Image Credit: © Forward Science

In recognition of outstanding dedication and commitment to oral cancer screening using the OralID screening device, 1 clinician and 1 hygienist have been named recipients of the annual Forward Science Gold Awards.

This prestigious award celebrates oral healthcare providers who consistently go above and beyond the standard of care, embodying the spirit of innovation and compassion in their practice.

This year's distinguished honorees are James Ki Lee, DDS, and Gwen Duong, RDH. Through their unwavering efforts, they have made a profound difference in the lives of their patients by promoting early detection and enhancing oral health outcomes, Forward Science states.

Duong, from McLean DDS, has been recognized for her outstanding efforts in patient education and oral cancer screening. In the press release announcing the recipients, her office notes, "Gwen is an exemplary hygienist who goes above and beyond to educate our patients on oral cancer and the importance of the OralID screening. She is constantly giving out the OralID informational packets, so patients are aware of what the screening entails and the risk factors, especially HPV.”

OralID is a battery-operated, hand-held oral cancer screening device that uses fluorescence technology to provide clinicians an aid in visualization of oral mucosal abnormalities, such as oral cancer and pre-cancer.

Dr Lee, from Campus Smiles SMU, has demonstrated exceptional leadership and skill in oral cancer screening. His office praises his commitment, stating in the press release, "Dr Lee pushes all patients to receive an OralID oral cancer screening. Not only does he inform the patient, but he also takes the time to educate the importance of the screenings with the latest technology of OralID."

"Dr Lee and Gwen Duong truly embody the mission of Forward Science and the spirit of the Golden OralID Awards," adds Robert J. Whitman, CEO of Forward Science. "Their dedication to early discovery and patient education is instrumental in our mission to change lives."

Last year, Forward Science’s flagship device, OralID, celebrated 10 years since its FDA clearance. The vertically integrated MedTech company based in Houston, Texas, was founded in 2012 with the mission to change lives through innovative, cost-effective products, and the oral cancer screening device has been doing just that for over a decade now.

It allows clinicians to visualize abnormalities that may not be seen under traditional examinations. Following the success of OralID, the company continued to focus on moving science forward in the oral healthcare industry by launching advance products to help patients reach their optimal oral health: SalivaMAX, BioStōm, TheraStōm and OxiStōm.

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