Dentist Extracted Tooth While Riding Hoverboard, Authorities Say

Yes, you read that right. An anchorage, Alaska dentist is accused of performing a tooth extraction while standing on a hoverboard. If you’re going to do something like that, naturally, you would film it and share it with all your friends – as this dentist is accused of doing. The dentist also allegedly billed Medicaid for about $2 million in unnecessary sedation.

An Anchorage dentist is charged with Medicaid fraud, and operating on an unconcious woman while riding a hoverboard.

— (@Ch2KTUU) April 20, 2017


Would you perform a tooth extraction on a sedated patient while standing on a hoverboard? Moreover, would you film your hoverboard tooth extraction and send it to your friends?

Well, that’s what one Alaska dentist is accused of doing, in addition to committing 17 counts of Medicaid fraud.

The Anchorage Daily News reported earlier this week that Seth Lookhart, D.M.D., of Clear Creek Dental in Anchorage, allegedly provided patients with unnecessary sedation to bilk the Medicaid program. The news outlet attributed the charges to court documents. The State’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, the Office of Inspector General, and FBI as well as DEA agents carried out the investigation, the Daily News reports.

The office manager, Shauna Cranford, was also snared in the investigation. The Daily News says she faces 16 charges.

Lookhart is accused of billing about $2 million in fraudulent intravenous sedation to Medicaid, in addition to taking money from his employer, the Daily News reports. He has been deemed a flight risk by the state, due to his connections to Brazil, where he has a dental clinic and is in “apparent possession of significant financial resources,” the Daily News reports.