DentiMax offering all-in-one practice management and imaging cloud software

Dental providers can now access X-rays and practice management data from any PC or Mac with an internet connection.

DentiMax, Inc. offers a complete, all-in-one, practice management and imaging cloud software to help dentists simplify their office workflow. The system is designed to give dental providers access to all their X-rays and practice management data from any PC or Mac with an internet connection, allowing them to monitor their practice no matter where they are.

With the demand for cloud-based software continuing to rise among dentists, DentiMax recognized the need for an all-in-one solution that combined practice management and imaging into an integrated system.

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“Offices who adopt our complete cloud software can view all their X-rays, patient appointments, financials and everything they need to operate their practice from home, a satellite office, or anywhere they choose,” says David Arnett, DentiMax co-founder.

Dr. Kent Stapley, DMD, is one of many dentists who has made the transition to the complete cloud. “This system is so intuitive that new staff members can learn quickly without the help of a trainer. There is a shorter learning curve, which saves time and money and allows us to focus more on patient care,” Dr. Stapley says.

While the complete cloud is designed to function as an integrated system, it can also make a partial system complete. “If a practice already has a practice management system, our cloud imaging software will bridge to it. If they have already adopted a digital imaging system, our cloud practice management software will bridge to that as well,” Arnett says.