Dentimax Launches The Open Sensor to Integrate Easily with Dental Software

The new Open Sensor from Dentimax was designed to offer high quality X-rays while still being an affordable option for dental professionals.

Dentimax has announced the release of its new Open Sensor. This sensor is designed to work with existing software, making it an easy integration into the system, according to Senior Vice President Chad Camac.

“It’s so easy with the Open Sensor because it operates natively with your current system,” Camac said in a press release from the company. “There is no need to learn new software or retrain your staff–it just works!”

The Open Sensor is said to offer high quality X-rays while still maintaining a low cost that makes it accessible to every dental professional. Through it, dental professionals can add this to the office to enhance its digital imaging capabilities while boosting workflows. It is distributed through the Open Sensor Club, which is a subscription club that allows for $99 per month/sensor with a onetime $499 sensor signup fee.

As part of this subscription, installation, training, tech support, a lifetime warranty, and accident forgiveness, will all be provided for Open Sensor subscribers.