Denteractive to Partner with Swell for Practice Growth Package

The partnership between the 2 companies aims to make it easier for practices to grow with standard care and teledentistry.

Denteractive and Swell have announced a partnership to offer dental practices tools for growth and management solutions, according to a press release from Denteractive.

As a teledentistry platform, Denteractive is said to offer dentists nationwide face-to-face virtual consultation with patients in a secure, HIPAA compliant platform. Swell is designed to connect dentists to their patients through way of online reviews and surveys.

In combining these two platforms, this partnership aims to combine Swell’s growth tools and Denteractive’s virtual triage widget. Denteractive CEO and founder Reza Izadi hopes to improve experience for dentists and patients.

"We're proud to partner with Swell. They've done excellent work helping dentists grow their practices,” Izadi said in the press release. “This partnership also helps patients which is what we are all about. Dentists can stay in touch with their patients better, know exactly how they feel about their practice, and even pinpoint areas for improvement.”

There are a variety of tools through Swell such as Swell Review, WebChat, Message, Schedule, Pay, Survey, and Insight that, when combined with Denteractive, will help dentists connect with patients better. Swell CEO and founder Drew Sparks said that partnering with Denteractive was a way to make things easier for practices that utilize teledentistry.

"Now when a potential patient visits a dentist's site, the dentist can engage directly with the patient through Teledentistry, and automated appointment setting and routine office questions can be immediately answered through our web chat, text messaging and Facebook messenger features,” Sparks said in the press release. Once treated patients are encouraged to leave online reviews through an interface simple enough to trigger a wave of positive reviews that improves a dentist's search rankings and practice momentum. And it all takes about 30 minutes to setup and get it working for them.”

This new platform, titled as the Unlimited+Growth tier of service, is available to practices for a monthly fee with a 30-day free trial to try out the platform.