Dentatus’ Complete IPR Solution Works with All Clear Aligners

Profin IPR results in more patient comfort during interproximal reduction, higher case acceptance and treatment success, and quicker results for the clinician.

Designed for use with all clear aligners, the Complete IPR Solution from Dentatus consists of lnterproximal Reduction (IPR) Tips together with the reciprocating Profin PDX contra-angle.

The Profin PDX handpiece offers unique features such as a reciprocating 1.2mm axial stroke and the ability to "lock" tips, ensuring they are firmly secured in 1 of 8 positions. With Profin IPR, calibrated tips ensure treatment plan compliance and diminish the risk of excessive stripping. Profin allows for concise treatment with quick and efficient modification.

According to the manufacturer, clinicians experience significant time savings using the Complete IPR Solution—they can achieve results in 1/6th of the time as compared to manual hand instruments. Profin IPR results in more patient comfort during IPR, higher case acceptance and treatment success. Additional benefits include: safe to gingival, tongue, lip and cheek; painless for the patient; ergonomic design reduces fatigue; and the solution maintains natural esthetics.

Profin IPR avoids rounding and aids in re-establishing natural embrasures of the tooth. This approach also minimizes scratching and staining and provides a more esthetic result.

The easiest way to get started is to purchase the PDX IPR Starter Kit (PDX-P/SK2). Included in this kit is the PDX contra-angle, 5 double sided IPR tips and a stand. If you already own a Profin, Dentatus suggests you consider an Assorted IPR Tip Kit (LTA- P/SK2) containing 5 double sided tips 0.1 - 0.5mm or choose from the Refill IPR Tips 2/pk.