DentalMonitoring Launches ScanBoxPro Portable Device

The ScanBoxPro from DentalMonitoring is a robust device that will help monitor and scan orthodontic appliances.

DentalMonitoring has announced the launch of ScanBoxpro .ScanBoxpro is a portable device designed to help patients have artificial intelligence (AI)- powered scans on hand with them at any time and to help remotely monitor fixed and removable orthodontic appliances, according to a press release from the company. It is meant to accompany the cloud-based software offered by DentalMonitoring that allows for remote clinical monitoring of orthodontic treatments.

The ScanBoxpro is said to have a variety of features including: consistent imaging, optimal occlusal and lateral views, portability, accessibility for all patients, storage capacity, and an autoclavable capacity in its cheek retractor tube. Along with the tube, it comes with a phone holder designed to fit most modern smartphones.

This robust device is said to help automate workflows in the practice, and to make for better patient outcomes.