DentalMonitoring Launches Digital Workflow System DM Intelligent Platform

This digital workflow from DentalMonitoring has 3 key components that will make digital integration faster, easier, and more valuable for dental practices.

Designed to optimize digital systems and solutions for dental practices, DentalMonitoring’s DM Intelligent Platform is an industry first digital workflow, according to a press release from the company. This platform is designed to improve outcomes for patients in a way that also allows the clinicians in the dental practice to expand their digital expertise, according to CEO Philippe Salah.

“We’re excited that our unique technology trusted by thousands of doctors and more than 1.5 million patients worldwide will now be available to enhance product capabilities, workflows, and solutions throughout the dental world,” Salah said in the press release. “We believe that our only truly open digital platform in dentistry today positions us well to continue to positively impact the sustainability of dental care and improve the lives of millions of patients.”

The DM Intelligent Platform has 3 main features to facilitate this optimized digital workflow: DataHub, which is a data analytics tool that monitors feedback to clinicians; Easy export of STL files from remote monitoring scans; and API/SDK Interfaces, allowing for easy integration of the DM Intelligent Platform with its digital partners.

Dental professionals will be able to use DentalMonitoring’s artificial intelligence technology through the DM Intelligent Platform. This platform is available now.