DentalMonitoring Introduces Smart STL Powered by Artificial Intelligence

DentalMonitoring’s Smart STL Powered by Artificial Intelligence allows for remote STL file creation to better serve clinicians and patients.

DentalMonitoring has announced that it will now be offering Smart STL powered by artificial intelligence (AI) driven technology. This system will allow STL files to be created remotely, according to a press release from DentalMonitoring. Through this, clinicians can request updated STL files through the DentalMonitoring dashboard.

This system creates 3D intraoral models using AI-powered scans. This allows scans to up-to-date and clinicians to have the accurate, real time data to make informed treatment decisions. This will let clinicians boost efficiency, according to DentalMonitoring CEO Philippe Salah.

“This acheievement revolutionizes practice efficiency, saving chair time and time previously spent on intraoral scans, all while avoiding unnecessary visists to the practice for the patients,” Salah said in the press release. “In the future, this could also help streamline management of mid-course corrections, refinements, retention, and relapse.”

This AI/STL technology is offered only through DentalMonitoring.