DentalMonitoring Introduces DM Insights Clinical Data Analysis Platform

DentalMonitoring has launched its clinical data analysis platform, DM Insights, which is designed to enhance workflows in dental and orthodontic practices. DM Insights joins the DM Intelligent platform, DentalMontioring’s full suite of solutions designed to improve the quality of care and the patient experience while growing practices at the same time.

With DM Insights, clinicians can measure and improve the quality of treatments with a percentage breakdown of patients that are experiencing the same issue by tooth, aligner number, or scan number, as well as assess what appliances work best for optimal treatment outcomes to optimize practice operations.

DM Insights gives clinicians a benchmarking tool for comparing practice clinical data to the average results of practices, a significant indicator of performance now available to all practitioners. Users are able to view practice activity, clinical data, patient compliance, lead engagement, and benchmark performance, all from one platform that can help practices drive treatment decisions, refine workflows, and grow.