DentalEZ continues focus on Smart Monitoring with newest addition to their Aeras Intelligent Platform

Aeras Vacuum by Ramvac® is the latest in the company’s line of smart products for dental practices.

With renewed focus on applying innovative technology to solve real, everyday dentistry challenges, DentalEZ has now launched three new smart products: the Aeras 500 Elite Handpiece by Star®, the Aeras Compressor by Ramvac®, and now, the Aeras Vacuum by Ramvac®.

With an unprecedented focus on safety and efficiency, today’s dental offices must evolve quickly to include modern solutions that do more. The new Aeras Intelligent Platform from DentalEZ connects the dentists’ most vital equipment, gives it something it’s never had before: a voice. With the power to provide actionable information, accurately, quickly and conveniently, every Aeras product collects and shares data, streamlining standard-of-care processes, and creating an environment of superior patient care and practice productivity. Creating new connections between vital equipment and key practice operations, Aeras is designed to deliver more.

Aeras Vacuum by Ramvac

The new Aeras Vacuum is said to complete the Intelligent utility room with the same cloud-based diagnostic capability as the Aeras Compressor. Embedded sensors in critical areas on the vacuums monitor for indicators that typically herald trouble, including overheating or unwanted moisture. The system forewarns staff and service teams*, allowing for targeted diagnosis and service planning—all of which can be done remotely, improving service effectiveness and eliminating unproductive visits to the office.

The web-based Aeras smart technology offers remote scheduling and other efficiency-improving features, plus, all Aeras smart-enabled vacuums offer an 8-year extended warranty*, the best in the industry. The addition of Aeras takes the reliability of Ramvac vacuums to the next level, which are already recognized as an industry go-to, with quiet, energy-efficient motors, and 100% water-free operation.

“A dental office’s compressors and vacuums are the heart and soul of a dental practice, and if one goes down, it can take the whole practice offline, at incredible expense to the dentist and disruption for their patients,” says DentalEZ President Heather Trombley. “We’ve taken proven smart technology and applied it so that we can provide mission-critical information at dentists’ fingertips—and their chosen service provider’s—at any time. This may mark the beginning of the end of unplanned downtime*.”

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*Applies only if subscribing to monitoring service