Dental Wings launches DWOS 7.0 update


The update is said to increase both efficiency and productivity in digital dentistry.

From complex combination full-mouth reconstruction cases to beautiful full contour crown automatic proposals, DWOS version 7.0 allows clinicians to stay on the cutting edge of digital dentistry.

Virtual wax-ups

  • Pillarless: This prosthesis type is designed to allow you to add a wax-up to your case without having to bind it to a stump. The wax-up can be scanned (top and bottom) or virtually created with gingiva, if needed. It can reportedly beasily added to a structure such as a partial framework or superstructure.

  • Layered: Add an extra layer for an esthetic element over a virtual wax-up, right from the CAD station.


Build a parametric superstructure over an implant-borne or tooth-borne restoration and merge a wax-up and/or partial to it.

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User interface

  • Notifications: Cases per station are displayed in main menu bar

  • Toolbar in crown and bridge design station

  • Customizable background of the 3D view

  • Dynamic display of cloud of points during the scanning step

  • Production and order management: activate in user preferences

Crown and bridge/implants/bars

  • Better occlusion on automatic proposition (computedby the tooth-chain technology)

  • More parameters to customize the screw channel of angle permissive implant kits

  • Add/remove material: The mesh of scan surfaces can be upgraded to high definition and can be edited moreprecisely with different tool shapes: curve, knife, flat

  • Hole attachments can go through two layers: a custom abutment and the crownon top of it

  • Straumann Order: Stock abutment exchange. Switch to other stock abutments with same platform during a CAD session.

  • Import .obj and.ply files in the design station

DWOS Connect

  • Improved performance for fetching and sendingorders

  • Improved responsiveness of local Inbox

  • Possibility to retrieve the scan files in DWOS Inbox

  • Approval protocol uses notification center

Bite splint

Add attachments or hole attachments

DWOS SynergyTM

DWOS user is notified when coDiagnostiXTM adds or removes an implant from the plan

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