Dental Video: Dr. Susan Maples Explains Total Health Dentistry

While dental practices have traditionally focused on treating issues related to patients' teeth and gums, research continues to find links between oral and overall health. In this video Dr. Susan Maples explains how her practice is focused on providing total health dentistry where she looks at how providing oral health care can improve her patients' systemic health.

Known for promoting the connection between oral health and overall health, Dr. Susan Maples has been an advocate of Total Health Dentistry for a number of years. In this video captured at the 2020 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, Dr. Maples explains what total health dentistry is, why it's important and how dentists can start putting some focus on this in their practice.

Dr. Maples explains the growing body of evidence that connects people's overall health with the conditions in their mouths, and the ways dentists can help care for the overall wellbeing of their patients by providing top notch, comprehensive oral care.