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Dental professionals share their thoughts on the quip electric toothbrush


Two dentists and a hygienist share their opinions on using the quip electric toothbrush and their thoughts on recommending the brush to patients.

quip electric toothbrush

If you are looking for a toothbrush that does the job with minimal fuss, quip is the one for you.It is ADA approved and its simplistic design and function separate it from the more expensive name brands.

You do not need to charge it as its battery life is over 3 months. It has timed sonic vibrations, so you know when to change quadrants of your mouth. With the latest quip update, you can download the App and track your brushing habits.

They also have an ADA accepted toothpaste available that is vegan with no sodium lauryl sulfate. A great benefit of this system is you can sign up for quip’s refill plan and get brush heads, floss, and paste delivered every three months for $5 each with free shipping. Plus, if you subscribe to this refill plan, the brush is guaranteed for life.

Individual thoughts on quip from dental professionals

Anne Hill, DDS

Anne Hill, DDS

Anne Hill, DDS

I have been using the quip electric toothbrush for six months and I couldn’t be more pleased. I love that it is small and sleek and takes up very little space on the bathroom counter. Its light, ergonomic handle is easy to grasp with a wet hand. When I travel, I can simply put it in its easy-to-clean cover, and it fits nicely in my toiletry bag.

Other electric toothbrushes may provide up to 48,000 brush strokes per minute. Quip is not as powerful, delivering 15,000 strokes per minute. But because manual brushing provides only 300 to 600 strokes, quip is powerful enough to remove plaque and massage gums.

The quip brush does its job with very little fuss and expense.

Beth Mobilian, RDH

Beth Mobilian, RDH

Beth Mobilian, RDH

The quip toothbrush has several features that I love. The first is the compactness. The head of the toothbrush is a good adult size and has a tongue scraper. If counter space is limited, an added bonus is the mirror mount. The quip brush is lightweight and is a perfect fit for handbag or purse, making it very travel-friendly.

Another feature I love is that the brush is simply battery operated; there are no chargers, reservoirs or cumbersome cords.

I am an RDH, and I think quip’s most important feature is the brush head with its soft nylon bristles. A 2-minute timer pulses every 30 seconds as a reminder to change brushing areas. The bristles work perfectly in those areas where larger, rounder toothbrush heads just will not fit.

Some patients have hand and arm pain with vigorous vibrations, but the vibrations generated by the quip brush head are gentle and almost silent.

A distinctive and convenient feature is the automatic refill plan. It delivers to your door brush heads, batteries, quip toothpaste and/or quip floss every three months. This plan is particularly helpful for those patients who are confined at home or those who cannot remember to refresh their quip at the recommended intervals.

Bruce Hamilton, DDS

Bruce Hamilton, DDS

Bruce Hamilton, DDS

Electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual brushing. However, when I urge my patients to buy a powered toothbrush, I find myself apologizing for the price. The quip toothbrush is fairly priced and has features that make home hygiene easier and more consistent.

The squeaky clean feeling patients have after using quip is noticeable, pleasant, and self-reinforcing. Also, quip has earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance, which gives me confidence that I am prescribing a home hygiene product that is effective against gingivitis.

The negative aspects I’ve seen are that changing the battery or brush head can be challenging, but instructions are available on YouTube to help users make those changes. The easiest improvements I can see for the quip are adding more options of different sized brush heads and options for firmer bristles. Both of these product line additions would increase quip’s versatility.

My one caveat when recommending this or any other product for my patients to use at home is that no home dental health product will replace periodic dental exams or proper flossing.

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