Dental Products Report® Announces Strategic Partnership with Catapult Organization™


This partnership implements subsequent solutions offered to dental customers in the dental industry.

Dental Products Report® Announces Strategic Partnership with Catapult Organization™

CRANBURY, N.J., Mar 10, 2023- Dental Products Report® (DPR), a national industry resource for over 160,000 dental professionals, today announced its partnership with Catapult Organization (Catapult Education), a dental continuing education (CE) provider that provides dental clinicians worldwide with knowledge and opportunities for growth. Through this collaboration, Catapult Education is to be the exclusive dental CE provider for DPR.

“We are excited about this opportunity to partner with Catapult Organization,” says Eric Temple-Morris, vice president and group publisher at MJH Life Sciences®, parent company of DPR. “This partnership provides growth-minded, educationally driven clients with a vehicle to create messaging, teach dental professionals, and promote innovative solutions to one of the largest and most engaged networks of dentists and team members in the US.”

DPR’s trusted content is developed in partnership with hygiene experts and dental key opinion leaders. Utilizing Catapult Organization and DPR’s combined KOL network of dental professionals inclusive of dentists, hygienists, and practice management experts, this collaboration will provide innovative solutions to challenges faced in the dental community. Through this partnership, Catapult Organization will be leveraging its 20 years of expertise with DPR in the marketplace with its unbiased approach to product reviews and dental education.

“Catapult Organization’s goal is to continue expanding its breadth in the dental industry while working to place dentists and their teams at the ‘top of the food chain,’” says Lou Graham, DDS, founder of Catapult Organization. “With customized offerings for clients, this collaboration with DPR will provide a clear educational pathway between quality products and services and the dental professionals who use them."

To ensure dental practices are winning at every level, Catapult Organization is debuting two new ventures. Catapult Crown™, the organization's crowdfunding platform for dental startups, offers dental professionals the opportunity to invest in new and innovative projects. Catapult Grow™, an education-backed GPO, is slated to launch in partnership with industry-leading organizations. This platform will allow practitioners to enhance their profitability across all areas of the dental business.

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