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Dental Products Report 2023 Spring Selection Lower Right Quadrant - Round 1


The first round of the Dental Products Report 2023 Spring Selection begins right here and now with the opening round voting for the Lower Right Quadrant.

The Lower Right Quadrant is about as wide open as can be with a mix of technologies and supplies that might otherwise never cross paths. Which ones will move forward and tell the story of the 2023 DPR Spring Selection?

Here are the 8 first round matchups from the Lower Right Quadrant, vote and find out who moves on.

Seed 1 Vs. Seed 16

Dentsply Sirona Primeprint

Primeprint for dental practices and laboratories is the first of a new generation of Dentsply Sirona devices designed to transform digital dentistry. With a simplified, automated printing process, this new 3D printing solution makes it easy to manufacture patient-specific and biocompatible appliances. The printer uses digital light processing technology by which resins are polymerized using UV light. The light projector hardens the resin layer by layer. Primeprint as a 3D printing solution also automates the postprocessing of printed objects, which previously would have required complex, messy, and time-consuming manual work.

Zest Dental BulkEZ PLUS

This new dual-cure, bulk fill composite builds on Bulk EZ’s enhanced esthetics and polishability with new features. It is an easy-to-place dual cure composite that combines unlimited cure depth with flowable cavity adaptation, high strength, and enhanced durability. Bulk EZ PLUS is now said to be suitable for a wider range of clinical situations through its thixotropic properties. It reaches a higher degree of conversion, offers better polish retention, and is stackable. Bulk EZ PLUS is available in a variety of shades.

Here the choice is between the 3D printing evolution of the leading chairside CAD/CAM solution and an augmented bulk fill composite. Only one can move on.

So which will it be, the Open Data Warehouse or the Open Sensor?

BulkEZ Plus

Seed 8 Vs. Seed 9

exoplan 3.0

exoplan 3.0 Galway supports the planning of edentulous cases, including the design of surgical guides. Customized surgical guides can be designed using the Guide Creator software module, then produced in a laboratory, dental practice, or an external production center. Key features of exoplan 3.0 Galway include planning of edentulous cases and design of the respective surgical guides, including necessary tools such as dual scan protocol, anchor pin placement, and fixation guide; surgical and fixation guides that can be freely designed or based on a prosthesis scan.

PANAVIA Veneer LC Cement

Kuraray Noritake Dental’s PANAVIA™ Veneer LC is a new light-cure resin cement indicated for permanent cementation of esthetic veneers and inlays/onlays less than 2 mm thick. PANAVIA is said to offer color stability, wear resistance, and relatively easy cleanup. PANAVIA’s application tip is designed with nanocluster filler technology, consisting of spherical silica fillers to offer the amount of control necessary when seating veneers. It is available in 4 polishable shades.

Now we have this match-up of two things that could not be more opposite. exoplan 3.0 is the latest generation of CAD software with a wide set of clinical applications. Meanwhile PANAVIA Veneer LC Cement is designed to meet the exacting specifications of a specific application. Which moves forward?

Who wins, software or cement?

exoplan 3.0
PANAVIA Veneer LC Cement

Seed 5 Vs. Seed 12

Ultradent VALO X

Ultradent has launched the fully redesigned VALO X broadband curing light with new features such as a 12.5-mm lens and custom LED chips. This curing light has been redesigned to provide clinicians with durability and a more powerful cure. VALO X has Standard and Xtra Power modes, black light, and white light. It can be used both corded and cordless.

Perfect Touch Micro Applicator Brushes

Available in a variety of sizes and colors, Perfect Touch Micro Applicator Brushes are used for placing etchants, sealants, and bonding agents. These brushes are bendable in any direction to allow precise application in hard-to-reach areas. The fibers hold solutions, so there is no spilling, dripping, or waste. Disposable and intended for single use, the brushes have a lint-free brush tip, are nonabsorbent, and give optimal access to difficult areas. Perfect Touch Micro Applicator Brushes come in tubes containing 100 brushes and are offered in purple (fine), yellow (regular), green (regular), and blue (large).

Now here's an extremely odd pairing as we find a curing light known for durability facing applicator brushes that are of course disposable. Can the brushes outlast the light?

So which will it be, the Blocs or the Cloud?

Valo X
Perfect Touch Micro Applicator Brushes

Seed 4 Vs. Seed 13


The DOVE AERO HVE single-use hybrid device is designed to significantly reduce the risk of airborne aerosol movement caused by instrument use in a dental setting. DOVE AERO’s innovative design addresses these concerns without sacrificing patient comfort or altering dental practices by combining the power of high-volume ejector (HVE) suction with the safety of a 1-way backflow protection, using a secured saliva ejector for patient comfort and easier access. The DOVE AERO HVE features a patented 360º external aerosol chamber to effectively manage airborne particles of up to 95% when combined with internal fluid evacuation.

Viva Style from Ivoclar

With the introduction of the VivaStyle Whitening Program, dentists can start to grow their whitening sales both inside and outside their practices with a better, more convenient way for patients to receive professional whitening solutions. Feel confident you can now provide clinically proven whitening solutions from a trusted manufacturer and generate additional income from each purchase made by patients.

Here's a fun decision, do you go with the cleaver vacuum system or the clever whitening system?

Who wins, aerosol removal or whiter teeth?

Viva Style

Seed 6 Vs. Seed 11

Oral-B iO10

The new Oral-B iO Series 10 is a rechargeable electric toothbrush featuring iO Sense technology. The iO 10 offers live coaching directly on its charger for guid-ance on time, pressure, and coverage without needing to bring a smartphone into the bathroom. Its clock and timer help users brush for the recommended 2 minutes. All user data syncs to the Oral-B app for deeper insights into brushing habits. The iO 10 also features 7 different cleaning modes for a more personalized experience. The series also includes the iO Series 4 and iO Series 5 toothbrushes. Each brush features multiple brushing modes to personalize the brushing experience. The iO 5 can also provide users with real-time coverage tracking and coaching via the Oral-B app.

DM Insights

With DM Insights, clinicians can measure and improve the quality of treatments with a percentage breakdown of patients who are experiencing the same issue by tooth, aligner number, or scan number. The platform gives clinicians a benchmarking tool for comparing practice clinical data with the average results of practices, a significant indicator of performance. Users are able to view practice activity, clinical data, patient adherence, lead engagement, and benchmark performance, all from 1 platform. DM Insights helps practices drive treatment decisions, refine workflows, and grow.

So which moves forward, a high-tech brush designed to help drive optimal home care practices, or a data-driven engine designed to help drive optimal dental practices?

Is it the brush or the insight?

Oral-B iO10
DM Insights

Seed 3 Vs. Seed 14

Ergo Loupes

The new Ergo series loupes are said to be the only ergonomic loupes available on the market providing up to 10-times magnification in an ultralight construction. Ergo loupes are designed to help wearers maintain a neutral head position as they tend to patients, helping to prevent and reduce neck, back, and other pain. The Ergo series offers a combination of magnification potential and user comfort. Customized to each wearer through a multifactor process, the loupes’ precision vision and light weight are said to help health care providers work more comfortably and effectively for extended periods of time.

Dust-Shield Burs

Buffalo Dental has introduced its new Abbott-Robinson™ Chuck Saver Burs, which are said to block grit from entering the handpiece. The Chuck Saver Burs are designed to protect handpieces from dust and premature malfunctions for a longer life span. These burs will be available through order from preferred dealers.

On one hand we have loupes designed to enhance clinician ergonomics, and on the other we have an innovative addition that helps burs protect the handpiece driving them.

Who wins, the eyewear or the tooling?

Dust-Shield Burs

Seed 7 Vs. Seed 10

Penguin II

The Penguin II from Aseptico lets clinicians reliably monitor the osseointegration of dental implants. It is a resonance frequency analysis (RFA) instrument for monitoring the osseointegration of dental implants using the clinically proven Implant Stability Quotient Scale. Penguin II provides accurate, reliable measurement of dental implant stability via RFA measurement methodology and is an excellent choice for any dentist placing or restoring dental implants. The device features an updated design with flatter sides to bring increased comfort, a surer grip, and better leverage when in the hand. An all-new LED display screen is integrated into the design, increasing readability. Its battery is rechargeable and replaceable and comes with a free-standing vertical charging stand, allowing for easy placement and wireless charging of the device.


DEXIS’ new intraoral scanning portfolio, DEXIS IS, is a series of digital dental diagnostic systems that are designed to provide clinicians with a fully robust range of scanning solutions. Each level of scanning is covered by an IS device: the entry-level IS 3600, the standard IS 3700, the fast IS 3800W, and the new IS Voyager. The Voyager is an all-in-one computer trolley designed to offer clinicians scanning flexibility within the dental office. Each scanner can be paired with the IS Voyager and all of the scanners in the portfolio are paired with the IS ScanFlow v1.07 software update. This software enables digital impressions, increased scanning speed, and 1-click export functionality to IS Connect.

Here is a great matchup featuring two technologies that deliver key information to help guide clinical care. On one side is a neat technology that can score the stability of an implant, on the other is a scanner that can map intraoral anatomy. Pick the winner here.

Which will it be, the implant tester or the intraoral scanner?

Penguin II

Seed 2 Vs. Seed 15

Second Opinion

The first FDA-approved artificial intelligence (AI) radiographic review application, Second Opinion quickly reviews patient images and flags potential issues including incipient caries or the early signs of a periapical radiolucency. By reviewing every x-ray as it is captured, Second Opinion provides real-time feedback while also reviewing a practice’s historical x-rays for missed treatment opportunities. The AI-powered platform delivers its image analysis quickly, allowing the technology to be used seamlessly within existing patient workflows.

Proxeo Twist

The Proxeo Twist and Proxeo Twist Cordless systems offer greater freedom of movement during prophylaxis or periodontitis treatment. Both units have unique Prophy Angle cups designed for an optimum polishing experience. The new Proxeo Twist Rotary Polishing System is a compact, easy-to-handle solution for cleaning, polishing, or fluoridating. The line of air-driven handpieces offers a lightweight solution for dental units. With its easy swiveling between motor and attachment, it adapts to the position needed in the oral cavity. The unit can be disinfected and sterilized.

The final matchup in the Lower Right Quadrant is the latest tech matching with the heart of many thriving dental practices. AI image analysis is a revolutionary technology, but most practices don't go without reliable hygiene handpieces. Which moves into round 2?

Who wins, AI analysis or prophy precision?

Second Opinion
Proxeo Twist
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